With 12 seasons airing from 2007 to 2019, The Big Bang Theory is one of the most iconic, influential, and popular sitcoms of the modern era. The show changed a lot throughout the years, but it stayed truthful to its hilarious and unique premise: four geeks spending time together.

However, people also get to see the characters evolve and become the best versions of themselves throughout hundreds of outstanding episodes. Still, some episodes are way better than others. These episodes have become memorable because of its extremely amusing scenes, heartwarming moments, and outstanding writing.

“The Indecision Amalgamation” is a Funny Episode with a Lot of Heart

One of the biggest conundrums gamers face is deciding between the two most important consoles in the market: PlayStation and Xbox. Sheldon goes through this very problem in “The Indecision Amalgamation.” He even goes as far as holding his pee for hours to try to decide under pressure. At the same time, an old recurrent gag comes back when Penny is offered a role in Serial Ape-ist 2: Monkey See, Monkey Kill, which is obviously a terrible gig. Both Sheldon and Penny must make significant and impactful decisions throughout the episode.

“The Indecision Amalgamation” is a classic The Big Bang Theory that showcases some of the best dynamics in the show: Amy and Sheldon’s hilarious yet heartwarming relationship, Penny’s ridiculous job offers, and Raj deciding between two women (when he’s usually dating zero). The episode is one of the funniest in the series, even though it can’t be compared to some iconic ones like “The Adhesive Duck Deficiency.”

“The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification” Features the Iconic Shelbot

The second episode of the fourth season of The Big Bang Theory, “The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification,” revolves around Sheldon as he tries to achieve immortality. Sheldon concludes that he needs to get a better lifestyle to extend his life expectancy, so he lives long enough to have his consciousness transferred to a computer. After several attempts to live a healthier life, Sheldon decides to no longer interact with the world, and he creates a machine to communicate with others, which Penny calls Shelbot.

“The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification” is a hilarious episode from the earlier seasons of the show. The episode perfectly balances Sheldon’s anxiety with his geeky persona. Because of this, it’s one of the episodes that better showcases The Big Bang Theory’s charming and funny combination of nerdy things with the usual sarcasm of the beloved cast.

“The Staircase Implementation” is an Outstanding Flashback Episode

As its name suggests, “The Staircase Implementation” finally explains why there isn’t a functional elevator in Leonard’s building. Even better, the show features some hilarious flashbacks about the rocky beginning of Leonard and Sheldon’s friendship.

Flashback episodes are always people’s favorites of any sitcom, but The Big Bang Theory managed to imbue both charming scenes with extremely amusing dialogue in this one. Additionally, the episode contributes important and interesting information about the characters as well as redeeming Sheldon as Leonard’s best friend. Sheldon isn’t always easy to deal with, but he’s still incredibly loyal and smart.

“The Tangerine Factor” Shows the Beginning of Leonard and Penny as a Couple

“The Tangerine Factor” is one of the oldest The Big Bang Theory episodes, and it features the official beginning of Penny and Leonard’s romance. After Penny goes through a terrible break-up, she decides to date Leonard because he’s different from all the guys she usually dates. However, Leonard and Penny have their doubts and turn to Sheldon for advice, who, surprisingly, has a very wise analogy.

Sheldon compares Leonard and Penny’s situation with Schrödinger’s cat, which is a philosophical term that explains that a cat inside a box is both dead and alive since no one knows the true state of the cat. In this sense, Leonard and Penny’s relationship is like Schröndinger’s cat, and they need to open the box to know what’s inside. This metaphor has become an iconic moment of the show and one that fans constantly quote.

“The Zazzy Substitution” Gives People Insight Into Amy and Sheldon’s Relationship

While its IMDb score doesn’t reflect it, there’s no doubt that “The Zazzy Substitution” is a fan-favorite and one of the best episodes of The Big Bang Theory. After Amy and Sheldon break up, the latter decides to find a “substitution” for human companionship and acquires a dozen cats.

“The Zazzy Substitution” isn’t only a hilarious episode, as it shows Sheldon in an improbable situation, but it also explores Sheldon’s most human side. While Sheldon usually hides his true feelings about people, in “The Zazzy Substitution,” viewers can see how affected Sheldon truly is by the breakup.

“The Love Spell Potential” is a Hilarious Episode That Has the Whole Gang Hanging Together

“The Love Spell Potential” is one of the best episodes of The Big Bang Theory in terms of cast chemistry. It has one of the best scenes in the show, as all the characters (except Raj) play the gang’s favorite game, Dungeons & Dragons. Even though the girls are supposed to take a trip to Las Vegas, they decide to join their boyfriends in the epic narrative when everything goes wrong.

Of course, the game goes exactly as everyone would expect. Penny includes alcohol (or, as she calls it, “magic potions”) into the game dynamic, Howard makes hilarious impressions as the Dungeon Master, and Amy ends up taking advantage of the opportunity for some heated role-playing with her boyfriend.

“The Einstein Approximation” Features the Iconic Bazinga Moment

There is no doubt that Sheldon is people’s favorite character from The Big Bang Theory, and his shenanigans are some of the best parts of the series. In “The Einstein Approximation,” Sheldon acts hilariously erratically, even more than usual. He is desperate to find the answer to a physics problem, which leads him to try various absurd methods to increase his focus and intelligence.

For example, Sheldon decides that he needs to work on a menial task so his brain reaches full capacity. He starts working in The Cheesecake Factory – without being hired. At the end of the episode, Sheldon has spent many days without sleeping, and it’s up to Leonard to get him out of a ball pit in the middle of the night. The iconic scene of Sheldon yelling “bazinga” while swimming in the ball pit is a hilarious staple of sitcom history.

“The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis” is the Most Heartwarming Episode in The Big Bang Theory

Penny and Sheldon have an iconic friendship that charmed the fandom throughout the 12 seasons of The Big Bang Theory. This dynamic started very early in the series, and in Season 2, Episode 11, Penny and Sheldon have one of the most heartwarming scenes in the sitcom.

When Penny lets Sheldon know that she got him a Christmas present, the physicist is pretty annoyed. He detests gift-giving because it puts him in the position of having to find an equally rewarding gift for another person. However, pretty soon his world is put upside-down when Penny gifts him an autographed napkin from his idol, Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy. This leads to Sheldon hugging Penny voluntarily for the first time in the series.

“The Scavenger Vortex” Shakes the Typical Dynamic of The Big Bang Theory

“The Scavenger Vortex” is a great episode because it shakes up the whole dynamic of the group. While all the main characters in The Big Bang Theory hang together all the time, some characters barely interact with each other. This episode makes an effort to correct that. In a scavenger hunt planned by Raj, Amy and Howard, Penny and Sheldon, and Leonard and Bernadette end up in teams.

While Amy and Howard get along swimmingly thanks to their love of Neil Diamond and their lack of competitiveness, Leonard and Bernadette struggle to be on the same page. In the meantime, Penny and Sheldon turned out to be a more efficient team than everyone expected. The whole episode is full of absurd shenanigans, hilarious sarcastic comments, and funny plot-twists.

“The Adhesive Duck Deficiency” is Sheldon and Penny’s Best Episode

“The Adhesive Duck Deficiency” is The Big Bang Theory’s most iconic episode. While Raj, Howard, and Leonard go camping to watch an astronomical phenomenon, Sheldon and Penny stay home. The first group ends up accidentally getting high, doing erratic things, and missing the event. Meanwhile, Penny falls in the shower and needs Sheldon’s help to go to the hospital.

The episode officially consolidates Penny and Sheldon’s friendship. Sheldon helps Penny to get dressed — accidentally touching one of her boobs –, drives her to the hospital, and helps her fill out her medical form. The whole thing is absolutely hilarious yet heartwarming, making for the most amazing episode of The Big Bang Theory.


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