After three seasons of The Boys, viewers have been exposed to some of the most exciting superheroes with dynamic powers that can often be difficult to quantify. The nature of the strength of the characters in The Boys will vary greatly. Even though the strongest powers were created through Compound V, not all heroes are made equal.

Instead, their strength and powers will often be based on their nature, allowing certain characters to use their strengths in a way that can make them stronger than someone else, even if the power itself is not as impressive. With that in mind, after seeing the powers in action and how the characters use them, it’s clear who the strongest characters in The Boys are.

Played by Brittany Allen

For most of her time on the series, Popclaw (Brittany Allen) is portrayed as a has-been who is often treated poorly by A-Train (Jessie Usher). The couple bond with Compound V and are clearly addicted to the substance, which leads to some disastrous situations for both. For Popclaw, it involves a sexual act that ends in a bloody mess for her partner/landlord.

She may crush non-supes with ease, but Popclaw is low on the chain of power on the show. Her Wolverine-like talons would do little against other supes, which is likely why she isn’t the go-to for the series’ more intense action sequences. Brute strength may be impressive against regular humans, but that kind of power just isn’t enough when compared to the series’ stronger supes.

The Deep
Played by Chace Crawford

Kevin Moskowitz aka The Deep (Chace Crawford) is often the target of mockery at Vought International. Pretty soon, his worst nightmares become his reality when he’s kicked out of The Seven, which he’s still fighting to get back into, no matter the cost. While The Deep’s powers initially seem cool, as he can talk to sea creatures and breathe underwater, it’s eventually revealed that his weaknesses outweigh his strengths.

The Deep’s insecurity around his gills, attachment to the animals he uses as cannon fodder, and desperation for approval (from Homeland and the other supes) ultimately hold him back from becoming a powerful character. He’s also just a really unlikable character, especially after his disgusting introduction. The Deep is a pathetically funny character from The Boys, and has missed his chance at redemption multiple times.

Played by Shawn Ashmore

Once a part of The Seven, fans hear a lot about Lamplighter (Shawn Ashmore) before ever meeting him. As his name implies, Lamplighter has pyrokinetic abilities and is essentially a walking lighter, able to burn anything down with ease. Following his retirement, however, he’s busy doing clean-up jobs for Vought at Sage Grove Center, where they experiment on patients to improve Compound V.

Lamplighter is somewhat underwhelming when audiences do meet him, especially since he’s built up as a big baddie. All the mystery surrounding him is dispelled when he turns out to be a somewhat average guy. He doesn’t get many chances to show off his destructive power either, with one of them being his final act in front of his statue in Vought’s halls.

Played by Karen Fukuhara

The first moment fans meet Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara), viewers witness the utter brutality of her strength. She shreds through her guards like they were paper, leaving them mutilated beyond recognition. You get an ever deeper understanding of her strength after one of the guards turns his gun on himself instead of having to be torn apart by her.

The unsung star of The Boys’ third season, Kimiko’s strength is far less developed than most superheroes she encounters, making her helpless while Stormfront (Aya Cash) is murdering her brother. It’s still impressive to watch her raw power and regeneration skills, which were hyped up during her first few episodes, but have somewhat become normal over the course of the series.

Played by Jessie Usher

A-Train desperately tries to hold onto his title as the world’s fastest man, even when his competition is catching up. While A-Train’s speed gives him an advantage that even some of the strongest superheroes cannot account for, there are still clear limitations to his powers. At full strength, there are very few who would be able to stop the fastest man in the world, but that full strength was often enhanced by Compound V.

When A-Train’s heart starts giving out because of Compound V, it becomes clear that without his speed, he becomes quite fragile. After Kimiko can shatter his leg with one swing, viewers realize that all of his strength is dependent on strictly his speed, which he can’t even fully control. This is also not counting A-Train’s identity crisis in the series and how it has affected the frustrating TV show character’s decisions so far.

Played by Alex Hassel

The biggest thing holding Translucent (Alex Hassel) back is how little the viewers get to see of him (pun intended). If put to the test, Translucent had some of the most remarkable potential, with bulletproof skin and superstrength to go along with being able to turn invisible. Add a smug and arrogant personality on top of that, and he has the makings of a great villain.

The Boys had to go through every viable option in their attempts to kill Translucent, highlighting how resilient the character is. Even then, he almost escaped by playing his psychological games just moments before Hughie (Jack Quaid) hit the detonator. The only reason he’s not ranked higher is that his demise in the series came much earlier than it probably should’ve.

Nadia (Victoria) Neuman
Played by Claudia Doumit

The thing that made Nadia (Claudia Doumit) so dangerous to the world was the fact that she was in hiding. When multiple people’s heads are blown up, and nobody can tell how it is happening, it is hard to conceive a way to stop the threat. It was downright terrifying for those around her to see their closest friends and colleagues explode, knowing they could be next.

With that in mind, however, once Nadia is discovered and people can prepare themselves for what she is capable of, it becomes clear that her raw strength is limited, making the element of surprise and deception the key to her power. With that deception, however, there is a case to be made that Nadia has the most dangerous individual power in the show, making her one of the strongest non-Seven supes.

Black Noir
Played by Nathan Mitchell

Black Noir (Nathan Mitchell) remains a true mystery for many early seasons, making it difficult for viewers to gauge precisely how powerful he is. Eventually, however, viewers can witness the kind of damage he can do. Had it not been for his unyielding loyalty to Vought, he would have single-handedly wiped out the Boys while they were at Butcher’s Aunt’s house.

The more knowledge that is gained about the history of Noir and the role he played with Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles), the more interesting the character becomes. The longevity of Noir makes it clear he has always been one of the most powerful superheroes who certainly could have held his own against anyone in the Seven, other than the man who tears out his insides (one of the most gruesome deaths on The Boys).

Queen Maeve
Played by Dominique McElligott

With much of her time spent as the de facto number two in the seven alongside Homelander (Antony Starr), there is no doubt that Queen Maeve (Dominique McElligott) has some of the greatest raw strength characters in the show. In actual physical combat, Homelander and Soldier Boy are the only two who would likely be able to beat Maeve.

That being said, outside of that physical strength, a wavering mind and heart make Maeve more vulnerable and leave her exposed to manipulation from Homelander. At the same time, she often lacks some of the unwavering fortitude that allows someone like Starlight (Erin Moriarty) to fight with more than just physical strength. That said, her most recent character development on the show highlight a different and satisfying kind of strength from Maeve, who is finally learning to forge a path of her own.

Played by Ryan Blakely

Once an abused member of Payback, Mindstorm (Ryan Blakely) understandably carries the effects of his difficult past wherever he goes, which makes him even more terrifying. The telepathic supe and recluse has lost control over his abilities over the years, which ironically just makes him more dangerous. The episode that features him has some of the most nerve-wracking moments from the show.

Mindstorm is able to utilize mind control to make his victims do whatever he wants, but his scariest ability is dream imprisonment. After visual contact with his victim, he can take their most traumatic memory and trap them there forever, where the individual will relieve that moment over and over again until Mindstorm releases them. This kind of psychological power seems to be rare in The Boys, making Mindstorm an even more intriguing character.

Played by Aya Cash

Stormfront has some of the most dynamic powers by being able to manipulate electricity while also having super strength and the ability to fly. These powers make it seem like she could rival anyone regarding the amount of destruction she can create, which is especially emphasized during her rise to fame and success in the series. She manhandles both Kimiko and her brother, making it clear that even against other superheroes, it is rarely a fair fight with Stormfront.

When considering that she was able to survive being blown away by Ryan (Cameron Crovetti), it’s easy to realize how much raw power it would take to defeat her. She’s definitely a terrible person, but there’s no denying she was also one of the most powerful members of the Seven. Thankfully, she’s taken down in a scene that screams “girl power.”

Played by Erin Moriarty

From the beginning, it was easy to see that Starlight had one of the most special powers. Being able to absorb electricity to destroy anything in her path made it abundantly clear that even the Seven would not be able to push her around. What makes Starlight even more intriguing is the extent of her potential. It is not until Hughie turns up the electricity that fans see how far Starlight could take her power.

She can blow fellow superheroes away with just the smallest amount of electricity, which is obviously found in abundance everywhere she goes. Theoretically, however, viewers have not even begun to see the extent of her powers with access and if there are any limitations to how much electricity she can absorb. As Starlight learns how to better control her abilities, she will undoubtedly shine as one of the strongest supes on the show.

Played by Ess Hödlmoser

As if the Sage Grove Center mission wasn’t twisted enough, The Boys run into a terrifying test subject that could come back to haunt them later on. Bearing a striking resemblance to the character Eleven from Stranger Things, Cindy (Ess Hödlmoser) is clearly a threat from the first moment she appears, as even Lamplighter (Shawn Ashmore) is scared of her. Cindy soon showcases her extraordinary telekinetic powers by ripping away steel doors, killing guards, and even withstanding direct attacks from Storefront.

Cindy’s escape from the facility (and from Stormfront’s attempts at cleaning up the mess) could mean it isn’t the last time the main characters will run into her. And based on their initial interaction, any future scenes featuring the supe will be epic, with the new villain fueled by hate to back up all that power.

Soldier Boy
Played by Jensen Ackles

Even though Soldier Boy could not take down Homelander with the help of Hughie and Butcher (Karl Urban) using temporary doses of Compound V, it was abundantly clear that he is still the closest anyone has been to the individual strength of Homelander. Soldier Boy is known for his pure and raw strength while also being able to create a radioactive burst that burns Compound V out of an enemy’s blood, taking away their powers.

Soldier Boy was the original strongest superhero in the world, and even after being brought to the present day, it is only the upgraded version of himself that is more powerful than him. It’s Soldier Boy’s powers that make for some genuinely terrifying and wild scenes in The Boys, as it seems as if he may be much stronger if he lets go of or loses control.

Played by Antony Starr

There’s little doubt that Homelander is the strongest character in The Boys. Indeed, a huge arc in the series focuses on the problems that come with having too much power, similar to many Superman storylines in other media. In the show, no matter how much is thrown at Homelander, what kind of weapon they can conceive, or how many other superheroes get in his way, the supe’s power is unwavering.

Since he’s the most powerful character in The Boys, there are a select few superheroes that can knock Homelander down or maybe give him a bruise, but his raw strength combined with eye beams that can take out a country make it seem as though the only other character who might have the potential to surpass him as the strongest is his own son, whose powers are still relatively unknown and uncultivated.


By Ivaylo Angelov

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