The CW has finally released new details about the highly anticipated last season of Riverdale. The season seven premiere is set to air on Wednesday, March 29, running until the end of the summer, with its finale on Wednesday, August 23. The series synopsis was also announced, giving very few details about what to expect from the final season. However, we know it will pick up where season six left off with Jughead mysteriously trapped in…the 1950s? The rest of the Riverdale High gang has been transported back in time, too, except they don’t know their real lives take place 70 years in the future, and it’ll be up to Jughead to convince them. Since the original Archie comics take place in the 1950s, fans are excited about the series returning to its origins. Not to worry, though, the sci-fi, fantastical aspect that the series is known for won’t be going anywhere in the seventh and final season.

The seventh season will be shaking things up, according to Madeline Petsch, who plays preppy mean-girl Cheryl Blossom on the show, “there will be bizarre things taking place,” she warned while talking to Usmagazine. She continued, “be prepared to see new relationships form because everyone will be dating everyone.” On top of the coupling up of characters we wouldn’t expect, the possibilities are endless, especially if the past six seasons are anything to go by. We’ve seen it all, from a good old-fashioned murder mystery, to the supernatural, to the occasional musical number thrown in the mix. Here’s what fans of the show are expecting from Riverdale’s final season.

It’s Jughead’s World, and We’re Just Living in It

According to fans on Reddit, the show is too farfetched even to be somewhat plausible. Of course, most fans understand the concept of suspending your disbelief, but these Redditers aren’t buying what the CW has been selling for the past seven years. In an in-depth debate started by user ‘bperki8,’ the show will end with everything that has happened being stories made up by Jughead, an outcast with an over-active imagination. Some fans agreed, saying it seems more likely that the past six seasons were just events created by the mind of a lonely teenager rather than anything based on real life. Other fans say Jughead has been creating a book inside a psyche ward, which would explain the random magical aspects that were suddenly introduced into the show in one random episode in season six.

Season Six Was the Real End for Riverdale

Season six ends with a comet about to strike the town of Riverdale, but at the last second, Veronica kisses Cheryl, transferring to her the entire group’s superpowers. Cheryl stops the comet before it can destroy the town, and instead of everyone dying in a fiery death, they get catapulted back almost seventy years in time. A common theory from fans is that Cheryl never really saved the town at all. Instead, our favorite characters all died, and the 1950s is the afterlife where they are cursed to reside for eternity.

Unanswered Questions

It wouldn’t be fair for the show to end without answering the many questions it has still open-ended. The hardcore fans will surely be up in arms if they don’t feel like Riverdale and its characters got the ending they deserve. Firstly, we know season seven will start in 1955, but is the town of Riverdale the only place affected by the apparent time travel? Will the rest of the world still be in the 21st century? Will the rest of the characters figure out they’ve time-traveled? Or will Jughead be the only one stuck with that burden? If they figure out their dilemma, will they be able to leave Riverdale, or will they be stuck there until they figure out how to return to the future?

Back to Its Roots

Fans desperately want Riverdale to end with an ode to its first episode from 2017. Fans want to see the four main characters, Archie, Betty, Jughead, and Veronica, sitting at the same booth in Pop’s, their local diner, enjoying burgers and milkshakes and talking about typical high school drama, not evil warlocks and killer cults. But, instead, watchers of the franchise are reminiscent of the earliest episodes, when the only thing the gang had to worry about was their love lives and who killed Jason Blossom.

One last thing fans are hopeful to see is if the relationships they’ve been rooting for since season one finally come to fruition. All the characters have been intermingling since the start of the show, and shippers are ready to see th


By Ivaylo Angelov

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