The Winchesters have squared off against all sorts of enemies and villains, ranging from paranormal entities to deities. They fought and battled the evil cunning demons, the mischievous angels, and the ruthless primordial beings such as Darkness and God. Sam and Dean are hunters who are humans with an expertise in dealing with Supernatural threats such as ghosts, banshees, vampires, and werewolves. It seems like a foregone conclusion that they would mop the floor with human who don’t have any supernatural powers. But you would be surprised to know that in the 15 seasons of Supernatural, the show has featured a couple of human villains who gave the Winchesters a good run for their money.

So Take A Look At 5 Villains From Supernatural Who Are Humans


Let’s be honest, right from the very first moment when Arthur’s character was introduced, we didn’t like him. Every fan wanted him gone and luckily Mary managed to do a fan service by eliminating Arthur. Arthur Ketch is a member of the British Men of Letters who had a brief relationship with Mary Winchester. After his demise, he would be resurrected by Rowena and started working for Asmodeus. But Arthur would redeem himself by aligning with the Winchesters and helping them on numerous occasions. Don’t be fooled by his clean and sharp dressing appearance, British accent, and charming personality. He is pretty ruthless and never holds back when it comes to doing the job of eliminating his enemies. In many respects, Arthur sees himself similar to Dean Winchester.


Lauren Cohan’s is a global star today, she rose to major fame with her role of Maggie Greene on AMC’s Walking Dead. But SPN fans will forever remember her as Bela Talbot. For season 3, the studio asked Kripke and team to create strong female characters in contrast to the Winchesters. Therefore the characters of Ruby and Bela were written. Lauren auditioned for the role of Ruby, but ended up getting the character of Bela. She went rigorous training, learned martial arts to prepare for the role. Bela Talbot is a skilled hunter just like the Winchesters except she uses her skills to do the bidding for the clients who pay for her ‘Supernatural’ skills & talents. She acquires the rare and antique SPN items for the highest bidder. In doing so, she has crossed numerous times with the Winchesters and managed to get the better of the boys.


Not sure if we should label Victor Henriksen as a villain. After all he was only his job as a law enforcement officer. His job was to track down and arrest Sam and Dean Winchester. Unlike many others, he managed to track down the boys and arrested them on two different occasions. After he himself got possessed by a demon in Season 3, he learned that Sam and Dean does hunt monsters which are real, he would then help the boys escape the demons. Victor met his tragic fate at the hands of Lilith. Victor would appear as as a witness in Season 4 when he blamed the Winchesters for his demise. He would attack Dean, but was eventually put to rest after the Winchesters completed the ritual.


Trauma changes everyone. Some become compassionate and understanding while some turn into monsters. Jeremy Frost became a monster. As a child, he was struck in the head with a bat by his dead which took away his ability to dream which slowly turned him mad. After learning about the African Dream Root which granted him the ability to dream and to control it, he became crazy to acquire the herb. Bobby Singer was on his trail, but Jeremy used Bobby’s DNA to trap him into a nightmare. When Sam and Dean Winchester came across Jeremy, he easily managed to fool and manipulate the boys. He even managed to acquire the DNA of Dean. Jeremy managed to use the inner fears and self-loathing of Dean against him, but Sam managed to trap Jeremy into his own personal nightmare.


Perhaps the worst monsters are humans. This has been proven correct by the Bender Family who appeared in Season 1 Episode 15 ‘The Benders’. It is a psychotic family who reside in Minnestoa. The head of the family was Pa Bender who acquired and passed the tradition of abducting and hunting down the innocents. Both the sons, Jared and Lee Bender learned and participated actively in this horrendous tradition of abducting and hunting the innocents. Not only would they hunt the innocents, but also toyed with them. The youngest addition to this dysfunctional family is Missy Bender who tricked people through her innocence. Luckily, the Winchesters managed to trap this family and then the Deputy Kathleen Hudak arrested them. Despite having no Supernatural powers, this family was skilled at committing the crimes and ensured they left behind no clues to be traced by the police.



By Ivaylo Angelov

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