The mythology of the show Supernatural is pretty extensive. As hunters, the Winchesters squared off against different sorts of supernatural creatures and species to save the world and the people in it. Right from the beginning, the show introduced us to other monsters such as wendigos, shapeshifters, vampires, and demons. As the show progressed, we were introduced to angels and different kinds of demons, establishing a ranking and power hierarchy.

So Take A Look At 5 Interesting Facts About The Different Species In Supernatural


Did you know there was a time when Eric Kripke wanted nothing to do with the angels? He had no plans to feature any angel on the show except the archangel Lucifer. This explains why the first three seasons didn’t feature any angels directly. Even though Gabriel makes appearances in Season 2 ‘Tall Tales’ and Season 3 ‘Mystery Spot’, he appears in the guise of Trickster. It was only later revealed that Trickster is the archangel Gabriel. Apart from Season 1, all the remaining seasons of the Supernatural featured an angel on the screen. Season 4 Episode ‘Lazarus Rising’ is the first episode to feature the proper appearance of the celestial being. Castiel introduces himself as an angel of the lord which convinced Dean who originally didn’t believe in the angels. The casting for the role of Castiel was also done discreetly. Misha Collins didn’t know that he was auditioning for the role of an angel, he believed he was reading for the part of a demon.


The Vampires have also appeared in nearly every season. At the beginning of the show, John thought that vampires are extinct and therefore his boys are unaware of Vampires because he didn’t talk about the species. But hunters such as Daniel Elkins were still eradicating the vampires. Out of all the hunters, Dean Winchester is perhaps the most skilled one when it comes to vampires, he has eliminated multiple vampires from a nest. Interestingly, vampire hunters such as Dean and Gordon have also been transformed into vampires. Although, Dean’s transformation was reversed. This also places the vampire species among the few species which can be cured, given not enough time has been exhausted, and the person has not fed on blood. There have been numerous changes made to the appearance of the vampires such as their eyes shined in the beginning seasons, similarly, the design of their fangs has also been modified.


A Nephilim is an offspring of a human and an angel. Thus a Nephilim contains both an angelic grace and an essence of the human soul. It is forbidden for an angel to conceive a child with a human. So far there have been three Nephilim in the Supernatural Universe namely; Jack, Queen of Sheba, and Jane. According to the Angel Tablet, the heart of a Nephilim is one of the three ingredients necessary to banish the angels from heaven. In Season 8, Castiel was deceived by Metatron into harming Jane to obtain her heart which was used in the ritual. It has been believed by the angels that the birth of a Nephilim brings an end to the universe, but this isn’t entirely true as Jane has existed. However, there were events that threatened the universe. Similarly, after the birth of Jack, Chuck also was trying to destroy the world.


Along with the angels, Demons have been the most recurring species on the show. We have been introduced to different types of demons. Demons can be classified on the basis of the color of their eyes, White Eyed Demons such as Lilith served as Chief of Staff of Lucifer, and Yellow-Eyed Demons are the Princes of Hell such as Azazel, Dagon, Asmodeus, among them Azazel served as a loyal servant to Lucifer whereas other Princes were not interested in the politics of the underworld. There are only two demons whose eye color is unknown, they are Cain and Belphegor. Different religions such as Christianity, and Judaism have mentioned demons. Different religions such as Christianity, and Judaism have mentioned demons.


After angels and demons, Ghosts have appeared the most in the show. The word ghost refers to a soul which is unable to move on and reach the afterlife. They appear in the form of a pale version of their human body. Ghosts can be summoned like demons, however, there is a risk that summoning the might turn them chaotic. Under the umbrella of Ghosts, there are a variety of different types of ghosts such as Vengeful spirits, Poltergeists, and Specters. A vengeful spirit is a ghost to whom something terrible and wrong was done, they cannot let it go, and in their obsession to avenge the wrong, they become vengeful. Specters are ghosts that amplify a person’s buried resentment and by possessing the individual, they fuel their desire for vengeance.



By Ivaylo Angelov

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