Supernatural is comprised of 15 seasons, and in its 15 years, it featured hundreds of amazing artists. Some of them were accomplished and household names already whereas some were newcomers who would go to carve a name for themselves. It is somewhat impossible to present a list of all the actors who appeared on the show, but we would be covering some notable guest stars who graced us with their presence in Supernatural.

So Take A Look At 5 Interesting Facts Related To The Guest Stars On Supernatural


Many heads were turned in Season 12 when the popular singer Rick Springfield appeared as the rockstar named Vince Vincente who is depressed and consents to be the vessel of the archangel Lucifer. While some fans were amazed by this distinct portrayal of Lucifer who brought a whole different flavor. It didn’t last for long as this vessel slowly started burning out. Lucifer would eventually return to his original vessel of Nick. However, this vessel of Lucifer is fascinating in the sense that here’s Vince who is forgotten, trying to be relevant. Similarly, Lucifer who once served as the major antagonist then joined Chuck and the Winchesters in fighting against Darkness. But after Chuck left him again, he decided to go full chaotic. One would be surprised to know that the singer Rick Springfield hadn’t seen the show, he revealed that he wasn’t aware of the show. It was only after he was cast in the role of Vince that he came to know about Supernatural. The singer developed a great bond with Misha Collins who portrayed Castiel in Supernatural while shooting the show.


Nobody in a million years might have thought that Paris Hilton would make an appearance on the Supernatural. This famous personality is well known for her work in reality shows, movies, music, and business ventures. A famous criticism about Paris is that she is popular for being popular, but undoubtedly she is an undeniable media personality who rose to stardom due to her talents. Interestingly, Paris Hilton has appeared in the movie House of Wax’ which also featured Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester). She played the role of the pagan god named Leshi who can take up the form and appearance of the idols of its victims. Eric Kripke revealed how this episode was centered on the celebrity culture, it takes humorous shots at it. When Paris Hilton was approached about the role, she agreed readily and was a good sport about the theme and her role.


Linda Blair is best known for her work in the iconic movie ‘The Exorcist. Many might have missed her appearance in SPN Season 2 Episode ‘The Usual Suspects’, playing the role of Diana Ballard. She is one of the characters who didn’t make any appearances again since this episode. Interestingly, in the final moments of the episode when the Winchesters with the help of Diana manage to defeat the villain of the episode. She lets the brothers go after realizing they are only helping people. There’s a moment where Dean asks Sam, ‘Did she look familiar?’, to which Sam replies saying he doesn’t know. Then Dean follows up expressing that he’s so hungry and for some reason, he is craving a pea coup. This was a reference to the movie Exorcist where Linda’s character Regan consumed and then vomited the pea soup.


Robert Englund is best known for his role as Freddy Krueger in the iconic ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ series. He appeared in Season 6 Episode ‘Appointment In Samarra’, playing the role of Dr. Robert, a friend of John Winchester who helps Dean in making a contact with the Death and then bringing him back to life at the same time. Did you know that Robert Englund sort of played a part in getting Mark Hamill the role of Luke Skywalker. It was because of Robert’s suggestion, Mark reached out to his agent who got him the audition of Luke Skywalker. Robert Englund revealed how his wife had a huge crush on Jared Padalecki. He revealed how his wife has been a fan of the actor since the Gilmore Girls.


The Miz is one of the popular WWE Superstars who has made appearances in movies and TV shows too. This WWE Superstar appeared in Season 11 Episode ‘Beyond The Mat’ playing the role of Shawn Harley. This episode revolves around the boys investigating the mysterious demise of their favorite wrestler. Interesting the title of this episode is also a reference to the infamous wrestling documentary of the same name which focuses on the struggles and lives of popular wrestlers beyond the wrestling ring. Miz revealed that he had a blast while working with Jensen and Jared. It’s also interesting how Miz’s character Shawn is a young and upcoming wrestler whereas at the time of shooting, Miz was already established, having won the title championships and holding wins over Superstars such as John Cena.



By Ivaylo Angelov

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