You know you are missing a lot about the show when you are not an active part of a fandom. A fan community is like an extensive family who actively participates in discussions concerning the show such as the cast and crew, storylines and plot holes, the facts and trivia, and various inconsistencies and mistakes. While the fans are special in numerous ways, they possess an expert knowledge of the show which they passionately worship. Supernatural fandom often use certain words and terms which normal people who have never seen the show would definitely fail to decipher.

So Take A Look At 6 Words That Only True Supernatural Fans Can Understand


Normal people would think that a word such as a baby is an affectionate term which is being used to address a small child or a romantic partner. But Supernatural fans know that Baby is used for 1967 Chevrolet Impala who is also a character in the SPN Universe. The Impala belonged to John Winchester who gave it to his son Dean Winchester. The Impala has a large trunk which contains the weapons and hunting aids for the boys. Baby has played a significant role in numerous storylines. Jensen Ackles who played Dean has always been extremely protective of the baby.


A normal person would think that balls such as tennis or cricket ones are being discussed here. But the word ‘Balls’ is a popular catchphrase of Bobby Singer who uses it in situations to express his annoyance. Bobby often used this expression along with the word ‘Idjit’. These catchphrases were later used by Dean and Garth after the demise of Bobby. Even the other versions of Bobby have also used these words.


Don’t confuse it with the Daemon or Doraemon, Deanmon is used to address the demon version of Dean Winchester. After Dean accepted the Mark of Cain in order to defeat Abaddon by wielding the First Blade. After being mortally wounded by Metatron, Dean reawakened in transition. He was resurrected as a demon with plenty of extra powers and abilities. Supernatural fans use the word ‘Deanmon’ to refer to the Demon Dean. However, this storyline didn’t last long as Dean was quickly cured by Sam using a demon cure exorcism. This Dean was also the last Knight of Hell who have become extinct now.

3. J2

J2 is by the fandom to address Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. The term J2 is used to address the relationship/friendship between these two main cast members. They both rose to major fame with their work on Supernatural. While working together, they became best friends, and consider themselves to be brothers. Their interactions and moments off-screen are just as entertaining as their on-screen dynamic. Both the actors are really close in real life. Both the actors share numerous similarities; such as having similar tattoos, both hailing from Texas, and they both have served as best man in each other’s wedding.


Nobody had thought that when Dean uttered the words Team Free Will jokingly referring to the team of him, Castiel, and Sam. But the term soon became famous with the fans who started calling the team as Team Free Will since then. The trio along with Bobby managed to foil the apocalypse. Later, in Season 13, the team was upgraded to TFW 2.0 with the addition of the Nephilim Jack Kline. The group again managed to defeat the archangels, fought Chuck and new Death. The name ‘Team Free Will’ came from the archangel Michael who told Dean that he cannot defy his destiny, he has to follow the path that destiny has chosen for him. Dean defied his fate and managed to prevent the apocalypse without becoming the vessel of the Michael in Season 5. The second version of TFW involved Jack who is the child of Lucifer. Dean was skeptical of him first, believed he was evil, but due to the influence of the Winchesters and Castiel, he became a honorary Winchester who helped in saving the world.


You know whenever you heard the words ‘Hello Boys’, it meant that Crowley is present in the scene and he stole every scene that he was in. ‘Hello Boys’ just hits different now. It’s a line used by several characters to address the boys; Sam and Dean Winchester. But this phrase has been mainly used by Crowley who used it throughout his time on the Supernatural. This phrase has also been used by Rowena, mother of Crowley, to refer the boys. Interestingly, Crowley’s final line to the Winchesters was ‘Bye Boys’ after he decided to sacrifice himself to close the rift to the alternate Universe. Apart from Crowley, other characters such as Abaddon and Billie have also used the phrase ‘Hello Boys’.



By Ivaylo Angelov

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