Arnold Schwarzenegger has revealed he is open to appearing in a Marvel movie.

While many a huge Hollywood name has appeared in the MCU over the years, the iconic action star is yet to pop up in one of its outings.

However, it seems we shouldn’t count him out yet, as the star was asked by Men’s Health if he would be up for appearing, Schwarzenegger replying: “If the role is right!”

The actor is no stranger to superhero fare, having appeared as Mr Freeze in 1997’s Batman & Robin, while his son-in-law is none other than MCU veteran Chris Pratt.

Rumours have circulated for a while that Schwarzenegger could appear in Marvel, notably as villain Titanium Man in the upcoming movie Armor Wars.

Responding to the speculation last year, star Don Cheadle told Jimmy Kimmel Live: “I think he is in for Titanium Man.”

He then asked: “Is this a serious question?

“When Cheadle admitted he had never heard of Titanium Man, Kimmel noted: “That’s a bad sign.”

The character was then explained to Cheadle, the actor joking that the fictional Aluminium Girl could appear too, before he added: “I don’t know about [that rumour]. I’ll ask him next time I see him.”

Schwarzenegger has a busy slate coming up, with the actor starring in new Netflix action series FUBAR, which sees him play a retired CIA agent who discovers he has a daughter, and is also the focus of the new documentary Arnold, also set to stream on Netflix.


By Ivaylo Angelov

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