In the photos, Kaley Cuoco’s new pet was seen wearing a little bandana around his neck.

American actress Kaley Cuoco has adopted a new pet dog. She took to Instagram on Saturday and shared pictures of the chihuahua. In one of the pictures, Cuoco’s boyfriend Tom Pelphrey could be seen striking a pose with the cute little dog.

In the photos, her new pet was seen wearing a little bandana around his neck. The dog’s tongue was hanging out and ears pricked up in the snap with Pelphrey.

In another picture, Cuoco was seen looking into the eyes of the pet. Sharing the picture, she wrote, “Thank you @jenconf & @lizrizomakeup for trying to find this senior chi a home the last few months. I guess he found one LOL.”

Cuoco is known for her love for dogs. She has launched a pet care brand, Oh, Norman!. Interestingly, she is the owner of several pet dogs named Ruby, Opal, King, and Blue. In an interaction with People, the 37-year-old had highlighted how her 7-month-old daughter Matilda had to deal with the pets at home.

“Oh my God, she got thrown to the wolves literally,” shared Cuoco.

“After she was born, I’m like, ‘If this child doesn’t like dogs, I might have to send her back. There’s no choice. This is your life. This is it. They have jumped on her. They have crawled across her. We have let them lick her, kiss her. Our pediatrician was like, ‘It’s okay.’ So they love her so much,” she added.

Matilda’s first flight with her mother

Recently, Cuoco’s daughter Matilda boarded her first flight with her. She shared pictures of the moment, highlighting how the experience went smooth for her 7-month-old daughter.

The picture was captioned “When your baby is perfection on her first flight,” followed by an airplane and a heart emoji. During her flight trip, Matilda look cute while wearing headphones which were too big for her.

Notably, Cuoco is best known for the essaying the role of Penny in the hit TV show The Big Bang Theory.


By Ivaylo Angelov

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