The ‘Big Bang Theory’ alum and her boyfriend Tom Pelphrey welcomed the little one in March

Kaley Cuoco is getting her little one ready for fall!

The Big Bang Theory alum, 37, bought a new jean jacket for her daughter, Matilda, who then modeled — along with a cheeky grin — it for the actress’ Instagram followers.

The 6-month-old wore the adorable jacket — which featured floral pocket embellishments and trim — over an orange polka-dot onesie in a photo posted on Cuoco’s Instagram Story on Friday night.

“That new denim feelin’ ,” Cuoco captioned the picture of her adorable baby girl.

The Based on a True Story star then posted a selfie pic with Matilda and boyfriend Tom Pelphrey on her Story.

The sweet black-and-white shot showed the two smiling parents and their daughter — with a giraffe toy in her mouth — sandwiched between them. Above the photo, Cuoco added a sticker that said “fam.”

The actress ended her family shots with one more solo shot of Matilda. In the photo, the 6-month-old was wedged in a comfy couch nook and had her mouth wide open in a giant grin.

The Wedding Ringer star embellished the Instagram Story photo with a rainbow “Hahahahahah” sticker.

Cuoco and Pelphrey, 41, welcomed their little one on March 30 and both the Flight Attendant star and Ozark actor frequently share photos of Matilda on their Instagram accounts.

Last month, the Big Bang Theory star showed off her daughter’s style in a family photo that featured the 6-month-old rocking a pair of pink heart-shaped sunglasses and Pelphrey sporting a pair of black shades.

“Too Cool,” Cuoco wrote alongside the snap.

A few days earlier, the actress had documented her and Pelphrey’s reunion with Matilda after spending two days away from her with a hilarious photo on her Instagram Story.

The Meet Cute actress posted a photo of herself and Pelphrey that showed them both planting kisses on their daughter’s cheek, while the little one appeared entirely unfazed.

“We were gone for two nights,” Cuoco captioned the picture. “She didn’t care. We did!”

Back in May, Cuoco opened up about life with her and Pelphrey’s little one, who was just over a month old at the time.

When asked to describe what has surprised her most about seeing the actor in his new role as a father, Cuoco told PEOPLE, “I cannot believe how natural he is, how much he loves it.”

“I mean, when we were in the hospital, he did everything — every diaper, he’s the swaddle king,” she continued. “All the nurses said, ‘Oh my God, you’re the best guy swaddler we’ve ever seen.'”

The actress also added that Pelphrey “just loves” Matilda — and said that the father-daughter resemblance is uncanny.

“She looks exactly like him. And he has a very distinct voice, so when he talks to her, she’s like 360. Her head turns around, and she’s like, ‘I know that voice.’ It’s very sweet.”

Later that month, Pelphrey also opened up about life as a first-time parent, a role that he described as “amazing.”

“It’s the most beautiful thing ever,” he told PEOPLE. “I’m so grateful to have a partner who I love to do it with because just two days with a baby in the house and I think of parents who are raising kids by themselves, and I don’t even understand how they do it.

“My respect for single parents has gone through the roof,” he added.




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