Better Call Saul spoilers follow.

Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul has confirmed that we’ve said our goodbyes to Jesse Pinkman, after his surprise cameo(s) in Better Call Saul’s final season.

Now that Breaking Bad’s prequel-turned-sequel Better Call Saul has drawn to a close, Aaron has opened up about stepping back into Jesse Pinkman’s oversized threads for not one, but two final flashback appearances.

And while fans of the Breaking Bad universe may be hoping for some kind of reprisal in the future, the actor is certain that his time as the tragic character is over – for good.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Aaron said that returning to Albuquerque was like “reconnecting with a very familiar friend”.

He continued: “You can be away from that friend for some time, but when you are back in each other’s company, it’s like no time has passed. We all know our characters so well having played them for years, so it felt good. I love Pinkman.”

Calling time on his role, he added: “[Jesse] will always have a special place inside of me, but I can confidently say that [Better Call Saul] was the last time we’re going to see Pinkman. So, it was a nice farewell.”

As for how his (and Bryan Cranston’s) return came about, Aaron said that he was not expecting to be involved in Better Call Saul’s final run.

“Honestly, I did not expect a call to join Better Call Saul,” he admitted. “I’m such a huge fan of the show, but I didn’t see how they were going to do it. And when the call came, I was half a season behind, and so I didn’t really know where the timeline was going.

“But from the moment they called me, I said: ‘Yeah, they figured it out. They knew how to do it’… It was truly a dream to be back in this universe”.

Aaron Paul isn’t the only Breaking Bad star to have bid farewell to their character, as Bob Odenkirk has also closed the book on his time as Saul Goodman, Jimmy McGill, and Gene Takovic.

Following Saul’s finale, Bob thanked creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould for giving him “a chance”.

“I did nothing to deserve this part, but I hope I earned it over six seasons,” he said. “The cast around me: Rhea Seehorn, Michael McKean, Jonathan Banks, Tony Dalton, Michael Mando, Patrick Fabian, and everyone else. I mean, Giancarlo Esposito.

“They all made me a better actor than I am just [by] working with them or watching them work. It’s been an unbelievable experience.”

Better Call Saul aired on AMC in the US and on Netflix in the UK.


By Ivaylo Angelov

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