Ever since Supernatural’s prequel series titled ‘The Winchesters’ was announced, the fans have been expecting to see their favorite characters from Supernatural show up on the spin-off. The first season of ‘The Winchesters’ has reached its conclusion and the character of Dean Winchester showed up in the most unusual way. Dean Winchester and Sam Winchester are the primary protagonists of the show Supernatural that ran for 15 years. John and Mary named their first born child after Mary’s mother Deanna Campbell. Jensen Ackles portrayed the character of Dean.

Dean Winchester appears in the timeline of the Winchesters to assist his parents, John and Mary, with a demonic case. The final episode of Winchesters starts with John Winchester who runs into Dean Winchester at a bus stop. Dean hands him a letter from Henry and John is compelled to buy a ticket to Lawrence.

At the end of the episode, Dean reveals to John and Mary that he is a hunter who came from a different earth. We can see Jack, Bobby, and Dean having a talk. Jack expresses his annoyance with Dean getting involved. Dean hands over his father’s journal to John and ask him to keep a hunter’s journal, and warns Mary of the yellow-eyed demon while providing her the colt.

Season 1 of the Winchesters have already featured cameos from Richard Speight Jr. (Loki), Gil McKinney (Henry Winchester), and the list now includes Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester), Jim Beaver (Bobby), and Alexander Calvert (Jack).

So Take A Look At How Dean Winchester’s Appearance In ‘The Winchesters’ Gives Lots Of Answers

  • As many fans already speculated at the beginning, the Winchesters takes place in a different universe.
  • Following his demise as we saw in the Supernatural finale ‘Carry On’, Dean Winchester while driving through the heaven takes a detour in search of a world where the ‘Winchesters’ can find a happy ending. Dean learns about the existence of Akrida, a fail safe monster species created by Chuck to eliminate everything in case if he is defeated by the Winchesters.
  • Jack who is the new God has warned Dean from interfering, but Dean joins forces with his parents and the ‘Monster Club’ that threaten the existence of several worlds. But they together manage to defeat the Akrida. Jack returns Dean back to heaven after being content that he found what he was seeking, leaving his parents with a colt and the journal.
  • Another thing answered by the finale is that Jack has reversed the Multiverse Destruction that was initiated by Chuck. This was left unclear in the Supernatural.
  • Dean might have changed the fate of his parents through his actions in this universe. As he is aware that in the year 1973, Azazel will force Mary into a deal that would lead to the events of the Apocalypse. But by handing the Colt to Mary and warning him about the forthcoming of Azazel, they might change their fate and not follow the route of Apocalypse.
  • As Dean hands over the Colt of Mary for protection, it can be believed that the Colt that was destroyed by the Prince of Hell, Dagon, must have been repaired and passed to Dean.


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By Ivaylo Angelov

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