Netflix’s Umbrella Academy has burst on our screens based on the hit indie comic book series Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance with emotional stakes, high octane action, and irreverence for the typical superheroes.

Starring Ellen Page and Grammy winner Mary J. Blige, Starring Academy nominee, Umbrella Academy is about the escapees from a dysfunctional family of foster parents, all with superpowers. Made by their father/benefactor to match uniforms and fight evil forces, children are known worldwide as the title Umbrella Academy. Adulthood and the family will easily ignore their differences and work together to solve the mystery of the murder of their father.

The first season was released in February 2019, and the streaming services hit an estimated 45 million households in the dark comedy-drama, Netflix said. You may want to add if you are planning your binge list by 2020. Here’s all we know about season 2 of the Umbrella Academy so far.

Release Date:

Netflix announced the second season at the Umbrella Academy in April 2019 without an official release date. The series included a teaser trailer with a clip from the final scene of the first season with the cryptic title: Season 2 is coming, added at the end.

Cast Details:

The majority of the season will be a sophomore year with a couple of new additions.

Page and Blige will return to their respective roles, Vanya and the powerful Cha Cha, who seem to be soft and weak. The Game of Thrones ‘ Tom Hopper takes its role back as a super-strong Luther, with his girlfriend, Allison, played by Emmy Raver-Lampman and Diego, the knife-throwing David Castañeda. Misfits ‘ Robert Sheehan returns with Adrian Gallagher back as the family black sheep, Klaus, fan-favored number 5.

Plot Details:
**Spoilers Alert**

In the dramatic peak of the first season, Number 5 has driven his family away from Armageddon waiting for Earth, caused by a now super powerful and distracted Vanya. Furious at the lies of her family and unable to control its powers, Vanya ultimately causes the apocalypse that number 5 tries to prevent.

The TV series has shifted equipment from the Way’s comic plot on many occasions, particularly with the season’s end. Now that the world is destroyed, the family is broken, and the Commission is on its tail, who knows how the gang will come out of it?



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