On-screen husband and wife Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry have reunited, just weeks after the entire Friends cast got together for a mysterious “something”.

Friends‘ best couple – yes, we said it – Monica and Chandler delighted fans with a rare selfie on Instagram yesterday (November 7), and fans weren’t the only ones excited by the on-screen couple’s lunch date.

“Guess who I had lunch with today….I KNOW!! Could I BE any happier? #realfriends,” Courteney wrote alongside the photo, while Lisa Kudrow and Jennifer Aniston also shared the love.

Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry reunite in Instagam selfie

“Lucky lucky. #beautifulpeople,” Lisa commented, before Jennifer added: “MATTY!! I LOVE YOU, GUYS.”

This latest Friends mini reunion comes after the cast’s internet-breaking get together last month, which unsurprisingly, prompted a wave of revival rumours.

After cryptically admitting that “something is happening”, Jennifer soon back-tracked on her comments, telling Graham Norton that it was just an innocent – and well-timed – meet-up.

Friends cast

“No, we just love to get together whenever we can,” the Rachel Green actress explained.

“The girls are very good at keeping up with time together but, when it happens that we are all together, it’s just so much fun.”

Friends airs daily on Comedy Central in the UK and is also streaming on Netflix.

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