The actress, who famously played Sansa Stark on the HBO series, will take on the role of real-life figure Joan Hannington, who was a notorious diamond thief.

The six-part ITVX series will chart her “meteoric rise” in the 1980s from petty thief to criminal mastermind, starting in her 20s as a “fiery, uncompromising, and intoxicating character” who also has her own scars.

A mother to a 4-year-old, Joan is in a disastrous marriage to a violent thug, and when he goes on the run she takes the opportunity to leave her old life, inspired by her desire to care for her daughter and secure a home.

“Making full use of her sharp intelligence, charm, and her talent for impersonation and performance, we follow the twists and turns in Joan’s life, the ups and downs, the heartache and the joy, which makes her story a compelling television drama,” the synopsis adds.

Turner said of taking on the role: “I’m so excited to be bringing Joan Hannington’s fascinating life story to screen in Joan. She is one of the most notorious figures in the criminal underworld of London, earning her the nickname ‘The Godmother’.

“A woman who goes between her thriving and daring career as a jewel thief, all whilst trying to get her daughter back from social services, we see a mother in despair swept up in the exhilarating world of crime.”

The series, which is set to begin filming in spring 2023, has been created by The Essex Serpent’s Anna Symon, with the writer working with Hannington herself while also adapting her memoir.

Joan is the latest role for Turner, who recently signed on to star in thriller movie Come As You Are.


By Ivaylo Angelov

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