Supernatural premiered on 13 September 2005 and after it successfully ran for 15 seasons, it aired its final episode on 19 Nov 2020. There have been a total of 327 episodes which aired over 15 seasons. There are couple of fascinating facts related to the episodes of Supernatural that many fans aren’t aware of.

So Take A Look At Interesting Trivia About The Supernatural Episodes


Mystery Spot is one of the popular and widely acclaimed episode of the Supernatural. It is the eleventh episode of Season 3. While investigating a missing person, Sam Winchester finds himself reliving the same day over and over in which he experiences the demise of Dean Winchester in bizarre manner, but cannot seem to change it. This episode has taken inspiration from the popular Bill Murray film ‘Groundhog Dog’ where Bill’s character visits a town for an assignment and finds himself reliving the same day over and over. Dean Winchester even comments about the time loop scenario being similar to the film. Interestingly, the character of Bill Murray named Phil and Sam Winchester both keep reliving a Tuesday. In the film, Bill’s character wakes up to the song ‘I Got You Babe’ over and over whereas in Supernatural Sam keeps waking up to the song ‘Heat of the Moment’.


This Season 1 Episode 4 features Sam and Dean trying to stop a demon on the plan. This episode has been the first to feature somebody being possessed by a demon on the screen and then an exorcism being performed n Supernatural. It is also the first episode where the Winchesters take the help of an EMF meter to look for some demonic activity. Also, the first episode that marks the boys pretending to be the agents. The usage of the word ‘Christo’ was first used in this episode and it isn’t used again until the episode ‘Optimism’ of Season 14 where the word is again used for a demon to reveal himself. While this episode features the first possession, but the future episodes of SPN would make several changes related to demons such as changing the demon smoke from insects swarm to a cloudy appearance. In this episode, demons spoke in a deep voice whereas in later episodes, they used the voice of the person they possessed.


The episode finds Sam and Dean Winchester being trapped in the universe of the TV shows where they are forced to portray the roles of different characters. This Supernatural episode has parodied numerous popular shows such as the medical drama Sam and Dean are part of is a parody of Grey’s Anatomy. Whereas the Winchesters portraying the detectives and wearing sunglasses at night is a parody of CSI: Miami and the have made references to the character of Horatio Caine.


Supernatural Season 10 episode titled ‘Fan Fiction’ features the Winchesters at a theater where the students of a school are presenting a musical production of the show Supernatural. The director of the episode ensued that the main cast members; Jensen and Jared didn’t hear the musical until the time of the filming of the musical scenes. This is the reason why their responses to the scenes are very genuine. The episode featured a real life similarity, the girl who portrays Dean Winchester in the musical production gives the reason for not wearing samulet is because it hits her in the lips. In reality, Jensen Ackles who played Dean disliked wearing amulet because it would hit him in face. Also, the scene where Destiel is mentioned and Jensen Ackles looks directly into the camera is actually unscripted, the actor improvised the scene.

Another episode that breaks the fourth wall is ‘The French Mistake’ in Season 6 where the Winchesters find themselves transported in a world where Supernatural is a fictional show. The show features the actors pretending to play their real life versions. There is a scene where Misha Collins portraying himself tweets on the screen as the camera is rolling. Those are indeed real tweets and can be found when googled. Similarly, the picture of Jared’s wedding with Genevieve is also real. Likewise, the clip of Jensen’s time on ‘Days of our Lives’ which is played in the episode is also real. Numerous actors including Misha and Jared have included this episode among their all time favorite episodes.


The final episode of the Supernatural ‘Carry On’ features couple of interesting trivia such as the very name of the episode is a reference to popular Kansas song ‘Carry On Wayward Son’. The creator of the show Eric Kripke and executive producer Robert Singer has been referenced in this episode when Sam & Dean use the name ‘Kripke & Singer’ posing as agents.


By Ivaylo Angelov

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