The cast of Supernatural have become synonymous with the characters they portrayed on the show. Actors such as Misha Collins, Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki have long and diverse careers in which they have been part of numerous other shows and movies, but they will prominently be recognized for the characters of Castiel, Dean and Sam Winchester. But did you know these actors have also played different characters on the Supernatural, surprising! Isn’t it? Due to the long 15 seasons of Supernatural, it is pretty easy to lose the track of multiple characters played by the same actor. Whether it’s in the flashback, alternate universe or timeline, many members of SPN cast has the unique achievement of portraying more than one character.

Misha Collins has appeared in numerous shows such as 24, ER, and been part of various movies too. But his big break came when he became a part of SPN in Season 4. The actor has even directed an episode of Supernatural. But did you know Misha has played several different roles on the show, are you now wondering which one are they?

So Take A Look At All The Different Roles Played By Misha Collins On The Show


  • The most iconic role of the angel of the lord, Castiel. A Seraph who raised Dean from the underworld and became a part of TFW. But there have been different versions of Castiel.
  • The Castiel of alternate timeline who cut off his ties with heaven and lost his powers. He joined Dean in their fight against Lucifer in a world where millions perished due to the Croatoan Virus.
  • Misha Collins has even played Misha Collins! The actual human actor in Season 6 episode ‘The French Mistake’. Sadly, Misha met tragic end at the hands of Virgil in the episode. He also portrayed the meta universe Castiel.
  • Misha played an alternate timeline Castiel which was created due to John being pulled to the future. This Castiel never met the Winchesters and has been obedient to Zachariah and heaven.
  • The Apocalypse World Castiel where Winchesters were never born. This Castiel has a German ascent. He serves under Michael and is an expert when it comes to torturing.
  • A future Castiel which was created as a result of the Winchesters being able to trap God in their captivity. When Sam sees the vision of what future would be like, had they trapped God using the Michael’s spell which required Castiel to bear the Mark. But the effects of Mark would drive Castiel crazy and eventually Dean would have to lock Castiel away.


When Castiel absorbed billions of soul inside him in order to defeat Raphael, he also absorbed the monsters known as Leviathan who were locked away in Purgatory eons ago. The Leviathans tried taking over his body so he sought the help of Winchesters who re-opened purgatory to send back all the souls, but the Leviathans stayed back, causing the deterioration of Castiel’s vessel and causing his demise in Season 7. They eventually broke free from the body of Castiel.


In Season 11, when Darkness broke free of the captivity, Winchesters were trying their best to defeat her. They needed all the help they could. Castiel again having the best intentions ended up saying YES to Lucifer who would then possess him.


While the Shadow AKA Empty has no form, this cosmic entity could take up the form of anything or anyone. When Castiel woke up in Empty, this entity took up his form to communicate with him. This is a dimension which existed long before the darkness and God. The souls of all the supernatural beings such as angels and demons arrive here where it sleeps forever. So when Castiel had awakened and gained consciousness, the Empty had to come out of its slumber too which annoyed it deeply.


Jimmy Novak has made his appearance in a few episodes. He is the true vessel of the angel Castiel. Jimmy is a man of faith who was destined to house the angel Castiel. When Castiel communicated with him, asked him to prove his devotion, Jimmy complied and impressed Castiel. When Jimmy Novak was mortally wounded, he was concerned about Castiel possessing Claire who is just a child. He asks Castiel to possess him again, knowing the consequences that he will forever be tied to the angel. However, in Season 4 finale, Castiel is blasted by Raphael, both Castiel and Jimmy died. But Chuck brought back Castiel and repaired the vessel of Jimmy Novak. Since then, every time Castiel died, he has been resurrected in the Jimmy’s vessel.

The vessel of Jimmy Novak is very strong that it managed to house an archangel Lucifer and an angel both at once without exterior deterioration. The only vessel in SPN Universe which also housed a demon, an angel, and an archangel all at once. The form of Jimmy Novak is the favorite of Castiel as we have seen him manifesting in this form even in the realms of Empty and Heaven where he could have chosen any form.



By Ivaylo Angelov

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