No show is perfect especially the ones which have ran for a very long time. There are great possibilities for the plot and storyline consistencies. In case of Supernatural, it has introduced us to a wide universe full of angels, demons, ghosts, and all sorts of Supernatural creatures. Every creature has its own lore, strengths and weaknesses, and the numerous characters have also undergone through an immense character development. Therefore it is very easy to lose the track of things, introduce contradictory elements. Many fans miss out on these tiny details and never notice the inconsistencies. But there are some fans who take cognizance of these minute details and raise the right questions.

So Take A Look At 5 Unanswered Questions In Supernatural That Left The Fans Puzzled


Season 5 finale saw Sam sacrificing himself while he was possessed by Lucifer, he jumped along with Michael who was possessing Adam in the cage. Now the very obvious question is that both Lucifer and Michael wanted to battle which would result in an apocalypse, but their captivity in cage prevented it. But why didn’t they battle while being in the cage? The cage would have definitely contained all the chaos and destruction. It would have been the perfect battleground. Did their battle not happen because of the magic of the cage which might have prevented it. In Season 11, Lucifer is conjured to a cell like structure which isn’t the real cage. It was only a temporary arrangement so the meeting with Lucifer could have taken place. There’s a theory that Michael might have escaped when Darkness broke free of the captivity which resulted in a massive power surge.


Amara, Chuck, and Death are the primordial entities who have existed long before all the other creations came into being. But now the obvious question is how all these entities came into existence? Who created them? Was there some higher form of power which caused their existence? It was never explained. All we know is that both Amara and God existed as one supreme cosmic being. While Chuck AKA God is the embodiment of light, Amara represented Darkness, they both split into two and brought the universe into existence through Big Bang. God then created archangels, angels, humans, and all the creations while the darkness was locked away. Death’s existence also remains a mystery, did the time create death? Then comes the Shadow AKA Empty which is devoid of all the existence, after every Supernatural being passes away, they go to the Empty where they sleep forever.


he Winchesters have taken up the responsibility of saving people, hunting monsters, and doing all sorts of heroic things. They have faced the toughest of enemies and emerged out victorious. But somethings that don’t make sense when it comes to rescuing others because Winchesters often times have eliminated Supernatural beings while they were possessing humans. As a result of this numerous humans have ended up becoming casualties when the Winchesters eliminated the angels or demons who were possessing them. The logical question is why would the Winchesters do that? Secondly, in Season 6 episode we were introduced to Samuel Colt who created the Colt which could eliminate all things in existence except the main five. But how did he acquire the knowledge and skills of creating such a powerful Supernatural weapon? It was never ever explained. Also, is there any difference in the type of bullets that are used in the Colt?


Crowley is a demon who was first introduced in Season 5 who took the opportunity of capturing the domain of hell. Crowley soon raised in the ranks and ended up becoming the King of the underworld. We know very well that demons in their true form have a smoke appearance. Usually the demons have black smoke appearance, but with the exception of Crowley who has the red smoke which has never been seen before. But it was never explained why only Crowley has the red smokey appearance? It was never explained, but the possible reason could be his status as the ruler of the underworld, king of the crossroads. Maybe the red smoke is due to this status as the king of the crossroads as he also possesses the ability to bend the reality along with several other powers.


Supernatural featured different deities and Gods that are a part of different cultures and religions. Supernatural has made it clear that Chuck, Amara, and even Lucifer was far more powerful than other deities which didn’t much well with lots of fans. But the question is that what happens to the deities when they pass away? Do they end up in the empty? When Lucifer caused the demise of the Pagan deities, where did they all end up? Second thing, if Chuck created all the universe, does it mean that he was the one who created the other deities? Or are they a tulpa? Are they born as a physical realization and materialization of an idea, a though giving birth to an object?



By Ivaylo Angelov

Ivaylo Angelov born in Bulgaria, Varna graduated School Geo Milev is Tvserieswelove's Soaps Editor and oversees all of the section's news, features, spoilers and interviews.