The first season of Wednesday arrived in the fall of 2022, and quickly became one of Netflix’s biggest hits of all time, as well as reviving The Addams Family franchise for a new generation. Jenna Ortega became an instant star for her portrayal of the macabre clan’s now-teenage daughter, while director Tim Burton got to properly sink his teeth into an intellectual property tailor-made for his sensibilities. Actor, director, and series have all been nominated for Emmy Awards, which will be handed out on Jan. 15, 2024, cementing its status as a new pop culture icon and a proud addition to The Addams Family franchise.

Wednesday Season 2 was announced on Jan. 6 2023 in response to the major splash made by Season 1. This naturally left fans hotly anticipating more of the hit Netflix series. The show’s current status has been complicated by the Hollywood writers’ and actors’ strikes, which halted production on Season 2 while artists lobbied for badly needed concessions from the studios. The strikes were resolved in November, leaving Season 2 free to move forward and with production details now beginning to emerge. Here’s everything fans know about the second season as of this writing.

How Did Wednesday Season 1 End?

Season 1 entails a serial killer stalking the staff and students at Nevermore Academy and the nearby town of Jericho. Wednesday Addams unravels the mystery with the help of her fellow students, with whom she reluctantly bonds. The culprit is shape-shifting barista Tyler Galpin, controlled by turncoat teacher Marilyn Thornhill in an effort to resurrect the homicidal Puritan, Joseph Crackstone, to destroy Nevermore. Wednesday and her friends defeat Crackstone and save the day, with Galpin sent to a psychiatric facility and Thornhill’s final fate is left unknown.

The season concludes with the Nevermore students heading home for the remainder of the school year. As Lurch drives Wednesday back to her family’s estate, she receives a text from parties unknown threatening to stab her in the head. The threat intrigues her, opening the door for a possible mystery in Season 2. Just before the final credits roll, Galpin is seen chained up in a straitjacket as he begins to transform into his monstrous shape. His status will almost certainly be revisited in the upcoming season.

Is Wednesday Season 2 In Production?

The second season is still in development following the strike delays, but Deadline confirmed in a Nov. 13 article that production is tentatively slated to begin April 2024. That comes with a major change in shooting locations, moving from Romania (where the first season was shot) to Ireland. Deadline cites “logistical challenges” as the reason for the move, though it also adds to the speculation that the new Season will change locations from Nevermore Academy to somewhere new. Shooting in an entirely new country would convey the feeling of a different part of Wednesday Addams’ world almost by default.

There is no official word on how long production will last, and delays are always a possibility. However, as per Deadline, Season 1’s production took place over seven months, from Sept. 2021 until March 2022. Except a similar production timeline for Season 2, which would mark the end of production sometime in Fall 2024. That could be extended depending on the number of episodes the second season entails. Season 1 had eight episodes, but story needs (and the first season’s surprising success) may extend the count for Season 2.

What Is the Release Date for Wednesday Season 2?

No official release date has been given for Wednesday Season 2, and any tentative schedule this early is bound to change in the face of the unexpected. However, given the April starting date for production combined with the production timeline from Season 1, it’s unlikely that the new season will arrive in 2024. At best, there’s a slight possibility of a late arrival in November or December. A 2025 release window is much more likely, and while Netflix can presumably add the second season to the line-up whenever they please once it’s finished, they may opt to hold it until later in the year to correspond with the November release date of Season 1.

What Is the Cast of Wednesday Season 2?

Officially, no cast members have been confirmed to return yet besides Ortega herself. However, Deadline reports that Netflix has extended its options on the remaining cast members. That includes Emma Myers as Wednesday’s werewolf bestie Enid, Joy Sunday as her siren frenemy Bianca, Georgie Farmer as Enid’s Gorgon boyfriend Ajax, and Jamie McShane as Donovan, the sheriff of the town of Jericho. While an entirely new villain is likely for Season 2, none of the Season 1 villains have yet been written off. That means both Hunter Doohan’s monstrous serial killer Tyler Galpin and Christina Ricci’s duplicitous Marilyn Thornhill are on the table for a possible return.

Most of the members of the Addams Family themselves are expected to return as well. Wednesday costume designer Colleen Atwood revealed to Variety that she’s designing new costumes for Catherine Zeta-Jones’s Morticia Addams with an “around the house” look, suggesting that fans will get to see the Addams’ ancestral abode in Season 2. It also increased the chances that the other Addamses will appear in the upcoming season. They include Luis Guzman as Gomez, Isaac Ordonez as Pugsley, George Burceas as Lurch, and Fred Armisen as Uncle Fester.

Additionally, body actor and magician Victor Dorobantu is almost certain to return as Thing, who served as Wednesday’s literal right hand during the bulk of Season 1. An enlarged role for the Addamses might mitigate the appearances of Wednesday’s friends at Nevermore. Perhaps the most intriguing development regarding the cast for Season 2 is the addition of a new member of the Addams family who didn’t appear in Season 1. Possible candidates include Cousin Itt, Grandmama Frump, and Wednesday’s baby brother Pubert. The latter didn’t appear in the original Charles Addams cartoons but was a creation of the live action movie Addams Family Values in 1993.

Is There a Trailer for Wednesday Season 2?

There is no trailer for Season 2 as of this writing, and with production on the new season not slated to begin for several months, it will likely be some time before any promotional content is released to the public. Netflix released a short teaser in Jan. 2023 to coincide with the announcement of Wednesday Season 2. Beyond that, fans will need to wait until the release date draws a little closer to see a trailer.

What is the Plot of Wednesday Season 2?

The specifics of the Season 2 storyline are still under wraps as of this writing, but cast and crew have shared a few details that shed more light on the question. In a June 2023 interview with Variety, Ortega stressed that the new season would “lean into the horror more.” The first season’s love triangle won’t be revisited and there won’t be a romantic interest replacing it. Conversely, showrunners Al Gough and Miles Millar stressed Wednesday’s friendship with her roommate Enid in a Nov. 2022 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, suggesting that their interaction would play a role in the series going forward.

The setting may also play a part in the story. Atwood’s statement that the Addams family home would play a role in Season 2 suggests that the show will be getting away from Nevermore for at least part of the time. That would shift the narrative away from the Academy’s myriad mysteries and plot threads, allowing the show to focus on something entirely new. That also fits with Principal Weems’ death in Season 1, and would explain why the Academy could remain closed for Season 2. Should the show return to Nevermore, Weems would require a replacement — perhaps even Morticia herself — which would doubtless factor into the larger narrative in Season 2.

A mentioned, Season 1 ended on a mild cliffhanger, as Wednesday received a text message from an anonymous sender threatening to kill her. Season 2 will presumably center around the mystery of their identity, as well as their efforts to bump Wednesday off. The final shot of Season 1 depicts a straitjacketed Tyler Galpin transforming into his monstrous “Hyde” form, which suggests that he’s far from done. Both developments are in keeping with Ortega’s admonition that the new Season would be darker, and stress the Addams’ horror side more than their humorous one.


By Ivaylo Angelov

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