The Vampire Diaries and V-wars star Ian Somerhalder shared some moments from his camping trip with his family. The photoes were uploaded in his social media profiles.

Here’s what he said – “This 1st photo is me doing a Covid-safe fitting at @applecreekranch for our @brothersbondbourbon 1st campaign. What an amazing time even in the height of a pandemic… Out on a farm with old 100yr old walls and in nature is where I belong… Nature is what we all need sometimes. Even if your a person of the city. It’s all right outside your door.

The rest of these images are of me and my family on the road and in the great natural beauty of the USA. I hope these images inspire even ONE of you, no matter what country you live in, to get out there to clear your mind and to feed your soul. Only nature can truly do that.No filters

This virus has done many awful things around the world. It has however taught us a great deal of lessons and pushed us to get outdoors to experience nature either by ourselves or with loved ones. To take stock in an immerse ourselves in nature. That BOND WITH NATURE is so important to our survival and so important to the survival of nature, not to mention a happy healthy society. We only protect what we love. It’s hard to truly love something until you experience it . So to all you explorers out there experiencing the great beauty of the USA and the beauty of EVERY county- I salute you. I salute your desire and efforts to push yourselves out of your own comfort zones expanding your relationship with nature.

We are reaching a critical mass where violence in society is so prevalent it is now crystal clear that there is vast disconnect between health and happiness in households. Reconnecting with nature and others in nature can really realign your body and spirit. Getting quiet to hear that inner voice inside you. Spreading kindness, being there for one another, and checking on our friends/family is also incredibly important. Invite them out-it may be the call/text/email/DM they really needed.

To all those engineers and folks @airstream_inc and @gmc that make this all possible for us, thank you. Engineering like this makes me proud to be an American so THANK YOU for your tireless efforts to get people safely and comfortably face to face with our greatest resource and great mother. Mother Earth.

With Gratitude to you all,


You can check the photos below:


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By Damyan Ivanov

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