This November will mark the fourth anniversary of Supernatural’s series finale. The show, which ran for an astonishing 15 seasons, gained a dedicated fandom who watched Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) carry on the family business; battling demons and serving up a touching side of brotherly love with each episode. Since the show’s end, rumors have continued to swirl that a revival is on the way with both actors potentially returning to their roles. After Ackles took a swing at a sort of prequel series titled The Winchesters, which was dropped from The CW after one season, the hush turned into a roar as fans became even thirstier for that follow-up than ever before. During an interview with Collider’s Christina Radish to discuss the upcoming season of Walker, she questioned Padalecki about the supposed Supernatural reunion.

“It’s not that I haven’t seriously considered doing it, my single answer is yes. It’s timing. It’s availability,” Padalecki went on to explain that it’s all about the time, energy, and spirit they can pour into the next chapter. He continued:

“Jensen and I feel so strongly about our show that we had for 15 years together that we don’t wanna just do it, just to do it. We don’t wanna go, “Hey, I have two weeks off in June. Let’s go ahead and shoot 10 pages a day, just so we can have some more content.” If and when Supernatural comes back, it’s going to be a labor of love, and we’re gonna put every hour in to make sure that it’s as true to the canon and to the fandom and to the story and to the characters as possible. So, my short answer is it’s not a consideration, the answer is yes . I just don’t know when I’m available. I don’t know when he’s available. But again, my answer is yes.”

What Would a ‘Supernatural’ Revamp Look Like?

This is a spoiler alert for anyone who has yet to see the show’s finale, but since it’s been over three years, we’re tossing it out there. In the final episode, we watched as the brothers said goodbye after Dean was killed on a routine vamp hunt. Sam’s life played out during a montage before – old and surrounded by loved ones—he passed away, only to meet his beloved brother again in the afterlife. So, how would the series pick up and start anew? Padalecki says a few ideas are floating around and that he’ll be happy as long as the story does the boys justice.

“Honest to God, I don’t think about the medium in which it would air. I think about the story that I care about. If Jensen and I talk about where we would like to see Sam and Dean appear on screens again, and we think, “Cool, we like this, and we like this arc, and we like this conclusion,” then let’s do it. If they make it into a movie, great. If they make it into a limited series, great. If they make it into a flip book that’s available on Amazon, great. But at this point in time, I feel so protective of Supernatural that if the story’s fine, then I don’t care how it gets into the world.”

So, in the end, both Padalecki and Ackles are hoping that the wayward Winchester boys will, in fact, carry on, but the time frame is the missing piece of the puzzle. If only they weren’t so darn talented and in high demand. As for now, you can stream all 15 seasons of Supernatural on Netflix. Stay tuned for the full interview tomorrow.


By Ivaylo Angelov

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