Jared Padalecki just published a motivational speech of how important the Time is

“No amount of words can express how grateful I am to have you in my life. You’ve supported us when we were down and made a difference in our lives. I know that without you, I wouldn’t feel as blessed and happy. Thank you Jared Padalecki for being one of the best things to have happened in my life. Love to your family and all the best. ❤️” Those were the words of a fan who is tearing of joy and happiness for Jared. We all appreciate what Jared did for us in all those years and now here’s the speech –


“Hey #spnfamily
Recent events have made me reflect on life, love, loss, and all of the blessings I’ve experienced in my days on this earth. I’ve taken time to think about how I spend MY time. More importantly, how i WANT to spend my time… People i want to spend it with. Places I want to go. Books i want to read. And on and on and on… Ultimately, I want to spend time doing that which brings me joy. IDEALLY, doing things that will also bring OTHERS joy.
Today, I took the time that was gifted to me and went for a run around the city that i love. The city I dreamt about living in as a child. The city where I’m now blessed to lay my head. Austin brings me a warmth and a happiness and a peace that i have been unable to find anywhere else in my travels. I love being here. (I’ve even convinced a few friends to move here! 😁). On February 16th, I’m going to run through 26.2 miles of this place I call home for the Ascension Seton Austin Marathon.
I was lucky enough to participate last year as well, and it definitely brought me joy (even through all of the aches and pains!). Some of y’all out there have experienced the journey of running a marathon (it was, I must warn you, named after a poor chap that died upon completion 😳). There are highs. There are lows. And, among those highs and lows, there is appreciation. Gratitude. The opportunity to join an ephemeral community, bound together through a shared love of running, or of the outdoors, or for charity, or for the locations where it takes place (or, possibly through losing a bet 😂). It’s a struggle, for sure. But it’s a struggle that I am blessed and fortunate enough to be able to face head-on.
I’ll be keeping in touch over the next 2 and a half weeks as I put the finishing touches on my preparation.
I would LOVE your support

Most importantly, i would love for you to MAKE EVERY EFFORT to do something that brings you joy.
Call a loved one.
Go for a walk.
Sneak in some precious alone time.
Watch your favorite tv show. 😜

Do SOMETHING with your precious time that lets the world know you are grateful.
After all, none of us know how much time we have left.
With love and gratitude. Always. -jp #austinmarathon”

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