Jeffrey Dean Morgan is mourning a loss. On Wednesday, the 53-year-old actor took to Twitter to announce that his pet, Snowball, who appears to be an alpaca, has died.

“Bad night and morning for us. Snowball I think had one hell of a life… just said my goodbyes,” Morgan wrote alongside a selfie of himself with the animal. “Wasn’t easy, but I do know it was the right thing. He will be missed greatly at mischief farm.”

“Xxxjd thank you all for the prayers and well wishes,” he added.

The announcement of Snowball’s death came after Morgan spent days taking care of the sick animal and sharing his experience online.

“Gonna be a long night for me and snowball. We inherited this sweet boy when we got mischief,” Morgan captioned a selfie with the pet on Monday. “He’s sick. Vet came today, I had high hopes, but I think he’s just tuckered out.”

“So tonight, I’ll be keeping him company, telling him stories…and we’ll see what tomorrow brings. Xojd&sb,” he added.

Snowball did make it through Monday night, with Morgan writing that there were “lots of stories told” throughout the “long damn night.”

“Snowball hanging in… and turns out… the best listener I’ve ever known,” he wrote. “Gotta try to get him on his feet. We shall see… thanks for all the well wishes. Truly. Xojd”

It appears as if that’s when Snowball’s condition took a turn.

“S**t. Snowball can’t, won’t stand. Lifted him up 4 times… 4 times back down to floor,” Morgan wrote. “Its [sic] about making him as comfy as possible… give him and medicine another day… maybe two.”

“Has to be, IS, a quality of life question,” he added. “Right now, sadly, it’s not good. We’ll keep trying.”

Snowball’s condition left both Morgan and the animal “lookin and feelin like crap.”

“Gave him his daily dose of antibiotics and love,” Morgan wrote. “He’s being very sweet. He is the shy, quiet one… think he’s quite happy getting some one on one attention from dad.”

Morgan went on to share an emotional video with Snowball, in which the actor got choked up as he spoke about his pet’s deteriorating condition.

“He hasn’t gotten up at all today, other than us lifting him up… I don’t think he’s breathing real well,” he said. “This is the rough part of having a farm. I don’t like it.”

Morgan was unable to sleep with Snowball overnight on Tuesday as his wife, Hilarie Burton, was away and he had to look after their children, George, 1, and Augustus, 9.

“I’ll sneak down and check on Snowball a couple of times,” he said. “I gotta leave tomorrow. I gotta go to work. F**k.”

“Anyway, thank you all for the well wishes. It’s very cool. We both appreciate it a lot,” he added. “Who knew? Who knew, huh Snowball?”

Morgan and Burton live on a farm in upstate New York, which they share with goats, donkeys, an emu and more. The longtime couple tied the knot late last year. Watch the video below to hear about their big day.


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