The famous actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan shared some cute family photos for mamas day.

They were uploaded in his social media profiles with a description of – “Happy mamas day, AND anniversary! Mamaversary Day. There really are no words. I’ve tried so many times in the last 11 years to find em. I can’t. No words can do justice to someone that kinda swayed into my world… turned it upside down for the best… and is the greatest partner and mom a fella could ever dream up. So… I’m just gonna acknowledge your magical self… and how lucky we three are. We just love you more than life… and I will continue, looking forever, to find those words that thus far seem to not exist. We love you @hilarieburton. Happy mamaversary day. Xxxxjdgusy&george”

You can check the photos below:’s team wishes a Happy mother’s day to everybody that celebrates it! ♥