Jenna Ortega was spotted on a Melrose movie set Thursday, filming scenes for “Beetlejuice 2.”

Wearing a purple-and-black-striped dress, the star of “Wednesday” on Netflix was seen riding a bike for her part in the upcoming movie sequel that also stars Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder.

Ortega was filmed riding a bike on set, which is supposed to be a Connecticut neighborhood in the movie. Several blocks around West Emerson and Charles streets have been adorned with Halloween decorations. Crews, production trucks and other filming equipment have been present in the area.

The same neighborhood hosted “Beetlejuice 2” filming in the summer until the SAG-AFTRA strike shut everything down. The movie produced by Brad Pitt is expected to be released in theaters in September of 2024.

It’s been reported that Ortega will play the daughter of Ryder’s character Lydia Deetz, who famously summons the “bio-exorcist” by saying “Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!” in the 1988 comedy. Others said to have roles in the sequel are Catherine O’Hara, Willem Dafoe and Monica Bellucci.

Keaton told Empire magazine that he and director Tim Burton are making it “exactly like we did the first movie.”

“We both agreed, if it happens, it has to be done as close to the way we made it the first time,” Keaton told the magazine, saying it’s “the most fun I’ve had working on a movie in I can’t tell you how long.”

Filming is expected to continue through Friday. Earlier in the year, scenes were shot in Corinth, Vermont, but police said items were stolen from the movie set.


By Damyan Ivanov

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