Given Wednesday’s phenomenal popularity on Netflix, it’s very obvious that the ideal candidate was chosen for the lead role. The television show features Wednesday Addams as the main character in a reimagining of The Addams Family. This version of Wednesday, played by Jenna Ortega, is shown as a little bit older than the younger child in the earlier versions. The story follows Wednesday as she enrolls in Nevermore Academy with a completely new cast of characters.

However, what many people don’t know is that the Wednesday actor was not so excited about the role at first. Ortega recently stated in an interview with The Times U.K. that she didn’t crave the part of Wednesday Addams. She even declined several offers to play the lead in what would end up becoming her breakthrough role.

Jenna Ortega wanted to focus more on films
Although it was obvious that the Wednesday team wanted Jenna Ortega for the role, the budding Hollywood star did not immediately say yes. Prior to finally accepting the position, Ortega claims that she had actually “turned away” from the show to focus more on films. She claims that watching Netflix’s desire that a Latino actor lands the part helped her come to accept the part since she realized that given the character’s popularity, this would be another significant step toward better representation.

“I was very hesitant to do the show, and I actually turned away from it a couple of times because it’s been done so perfectly. The fact that Netflix was so adamant about a Latin person being cast in a position like this… I can’t think of a Latina character who has the same reach [that] Wednesday Addams does.”

Ortega was an actress in the television business, therefore she felt the need to establish her value and prowess. She was hesitant to go on to another television show because she feared it might restrict her prospects in films.

Filmmaker Tim Burton helped change Jenna Ortega’s mind
Veteran filmmaker Tim Burton helped create an effect on actor Ortega’s mind. The actor claims that one of the reasons why she went back to do the project is because of the filmmaker and their rapport with each other. Explaining herself, she said,

“The only reason I went back is because Tim [Burton] is such a legend, and we just happened to get along very well.”

Despite her initial apprehensions, Ortega’s film career was unaffected by taking on the Wednesday Addams role. She has appeared in Ti West’s X and the most recent two Scream installments since joining Wednesday. She will also star alongside The Weeknd in an undisclosed feature film and was reportedly offered a part in the much-awaited Beetlejuice sequel.

Source: The Little Facts

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