Many people have had to rely on movies and TV shows to ease the stresses of social distancing, and for Jensen Ackles, that meant grabbing his Red Hood mask and watching the DC animated movie Batman: Under The Hood.

Ackles posted to his Instagram a clip of him watching the film, in which he voices Red Hood, AKA Jason Todd. And as a bonus, he even pulled out his own Red Hood mask. Check it out:


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I’m handling the lockdown just fine…nothing unusual over here. Okay, WHAT?!!! How do you watch your cartoons?!!! #lockdown #redhood #ImAnAdult

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The scene he chose is a pivotal speech, with the recently returned Jason Todd telling Batman that he’s not afraid to cross the line and take out the villains who are unafraid. Batman lives by a code and Red Hood blames him for not doing whatever it takes to end the Joker.

While there aren’t any known plans for a sequel, Ackles’ love for the character could see him reprise the role. Red Hood’s popularity has only grown since the movie, and the comic book Red Hood and the Outlaws could offer potential future storylines. Meanwhile, fans have long been hoping to see Ackles suit up as Red Hood in a live-action DC film.


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