KJ Apa has shared some of the funnest shoots!

The pictures were uploaded in Instagram with a description – “One of the funnest shoots to date (because of the circumstances bro @eastonschirra bahaha.) this is what it’s about. The real shit! Love is in the air!!!”

You can check KJ Apa’s post bellow:

Ꭼaston has also uploaded some pictures of him and KJ Apa with a description – “Grateful for shoots like these. It’s hard to stay inspired, but when you get to shoot someone 🔥 like @kjapa, your day is far from dull. Such a genuine and wild soul. Felt like a kid again runnin around takin these pics. Made some friends & hit it off with the team. Can’t thank y’all enough for making this possible 💚”

You can check Easton’s pictures bellow:

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