The Spanish actor referred to his desire to be able to return to Chile to get to know the national land, as well as the two Netflix series he starred in.

Jaime Lorente was one of the protagonists of the second day of the Comic Con Chile 2022, where, together with Giancarlo Exposito, he was the great international bet of the event.

The interpreter, recognized worldwide for playing Denver in La Casa de Papel , participated in a press conference to which BioBioChile had access, where he commented on his abrupt departure from Elite , as well as the weight of the role that led him to the fame.

Regarding the Spanish youth series, Lorente stated that his departure “was really due to a conflict of interest.” However, beyond some controversy, it was all about his projects at the time.

“I was shooting Elite and La Casa de Papel at the same time and it was something very difficult to combine . So, together with Netflix, we had to decide on a series and my character was more important in La Casa de Papel, “he acknowledged.

Despite his abrupt departure, the actor assures that the Las Encinas school fiction “was a wonderful project, I think that, at least in Spain, it opened a new type of fiction , with young people who are very good and that I enjoyed a lot”.

Regarding Denver, the same thug who led him to leave Netflix’s other fiction, Lorente himself acknowledges the constant weight of the role, which always seems to be the point of reference for his work.

“There comes a time when one gives up,” he admits with a laugh. “I can make the character more different from Denver and there will be people who will say ‘he’s doing the same thing he was doing with Denver,’” he continues.

In any case, Lorente affirms that “ I have a good time working and I try not to think about it , because, otherwise, one goes crazy and in the end ends up super blocked, so I try not to think about it too much”.

Jaime Lorente and his (future?) relationship with Chile
When asked about his knowledge of Chile, the actor acknowledges that he had never set foot on national soil until this very weekend.

“And I’m leaving tomorrow (Monday), I won’t have time for anything ,” he laments. “They’re going to take me to dinner at a place, I don’t know where it is, but it’s what I’m going to see in Chile,” he jokes then.

Likewise, he does not rule out returning to Chile in the future to be able to enjoy, in a longer time, so many national details that he does not know.

“From the beginning they told me about the wines, and, in truth, I come as a virgin, I have no idea about Chile. I know about the Atacama desert, which I would love to go to. And, in the south, the Torres del Paine, which is all I’m not going to see right now,” he jokes.

Specifically, the actor assures that “ I would like to be here for at least a week . Go to a ski resort. Must be the milk (great). Just flying over the Andes was incredible, in Spain there is nothing like it”.


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