​Úrsula Corberó is the Catalan celebrity with the most followers on Instagram: 23 million . He owes them to his greatest success worldwide: La casa de papel . A small series of Antena 3 that Netflix extends, plugs its budget, signs more good actors and becomes a planetary success that even has a Korean imitation.

And that 33-year-old Catalan-speaking girl from Sant Pere de Vilamajor, who played small roles on TV3 in series such as Ventdelplà , is now universally known. He went to Catalonia to play a role model, that of “The Crime of the Urban Guard”. The actress will play Rosa Peral, the police who murdered his partner helped by his also urbane lover. The roles will be played by Úrsula and Quim Gutiérrez , who is getting strong for the role. The series will be called El cuerpo en llamas . Ursula’s body, literally. It’s like its name, Slytherin:


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Some photos on the beach, not in Barcelona but in Miami , where she spent the weekend with a very personal style: like a high school girl, with a miniskirt and an invisible thong. Or without a thong, it is not clear. She has no qualms about taking the photos that millions of fans around the world are waiting for, showing her navel and buttocks. Very daring, you don’t need a bikini , this style is enough:

Ursula with the sand, watching the seagulls, on the deck chair or with her index fingers on her thighs. The photo leaves little to the imagination. So it goes from 23 to 25 million in the blink of an eye.

By Damyan Ivanov

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