“Cristo y Rey”, the long-awaited series based on the life of Ángel Cristo and Bárbara Rey will be one of the great launches of Atresmedia for the beginning of this 2023 in which part of the cast of “ La Casa De Papel ” of Netflix will participate . The communication group has announced that the series will reach the Atresplayer Premium catalog in January of next year, without yet specifying the specific day of its premiere. Later it can also be seen openly through Antena 3.

Leading the cast of Cristo y Rey actors are Jaime Lorente and Belén Cuesta, better known as “Denver” and “Manila”, respectively in the acclaimed series ” La Casa de Papel “, who will get into the shoes of the leading couple.

In the plot of Cristo y Rey , King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofía will be played by Cristóbal Suárez and Salomé Jiménez throughout the fiction, which will also show other characters such as Chelo García-Cortés (Adriana Torrebejano), Payasito (Artur Busquets ) or Paco Ostos (David Lorente).

La casa de papel is a Spanish television series created by Álex Pina, produced by Atresmedia in its beginnings, although later by Netflix and with the journalist and screenwriter Javier Gómez Santander as co-executive producer.

Money Heist was starring Úrsula Corberó, Itziar Ituño and Álvaro Morte, it was presented at the III Spring Television Festival in Burgos in March 2017 and on May 2 of that same year it premiered on the Spanish network Antena 3.

This chain distributed the first two parts of the series in Spain before Netflix acquired it at the end of 2017 and edited, reedited and distributed the two parts all over the world. The series is inspired by the protocol of bank robber Willie Sutton, who conceived more than 100 hits through disguise and deception and without shooting anyone. That brought him two million dollars in the decades of 1920-1950.

The series has 41 episodes spread over 5 seasons; the first two parts deal with the gang’s robbery of the National Currency and Stamp Factory, while the third, fourth and fifth parts are of the Bank of Spain.

The creators of Money Heist manage to combine action, intrigue, suspense, and even romanticism and, in the last season, a warlike character, with a great characterization of the characters and an engaging plot. All these qualities make it the most successful Spanish series of all time.

Money Heist ended on December 3, 2021, after 3 seasons and 5 parts broadcast. After its end, Netflix announced that it is already working on a spin-off about the life of “Berlin”, played by Pedro Alonso, for 2023.

Source: elcomercio.pe

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