One of the most interesting characters in the first season of Netflix’s V Wars is Mila Dubov, a vigilante who takes down other Bloods.

Played by Laura Vandervoort (who is known for TV shows such as Smallville and Bitten), Mila has an eventful arc that culminates in the season finale, when she confronts her sister Danika (Kimberly-Sue Murray).


“What really drew me to Mila was the fact that she’s different from the majority of the other characters,” Vandervoort said in an interview with Digital Spy.

“She ultimately becomes a Robin Hood or a vigilante for the human race. I’ve always loved characters that go against the grain, and Mila definitely stood out to me in that way. And she’s such a strong, independent, and confident woman.”

Mila appears to shoot Danika – although interestingly, Danika is off-screen when the trigger is pulled.

Vandervoort commented that there’s a chance that Mila’s sister may still be alive, although she hasn’t been told either way about Danika’s fate.

“Does she kill her sister? We don’t know,” she said. “That’s definitely a storyline that we left… even I don’t know if she’s killed her sister to be honest with you.


“But within that moment, when she’s about to pull that trigger, I think it was just she was at a boiling point.

“Her resentment towards her sister has been simmering for years. You can see within one of our scenes together, Mila’s definitely the caretaker. She’s the one who’s taking care of their sick mother. She’s there for her sister, and her sister is a very selfish character who only lives for herself.

“I think it just all simmers up to that point of wanting to take her sister out. It’s the resentment, the jealousy, the fact that Mila’s never been able to live a life of her own.

“She’s been taking care of other people, and that’s her breaking point, that trigger.”


Vandervoort also touched on Mila’s relationship with Detective Elysse Chambers (Bo Martyn), which ended when Elysse found out the truth about Mila’s identity as a Blood.

“Their romance was so short-lived, but it was kind of the only thing that Mila had to cling to that was her own,” she explained. “And that was taken away from her again because of her sister.

“Her sister transformed her into a Blood, and she ended up losing what I think she felt was the love of her life.

“Even though we only saw it briefly and in glimpses as an audience, I think that was Mila’s last grasp at humanity and love, and she lost it. So I’m not sure if there would be a reconciliation or if that’s over.”

Fans of the show will be hoping for a renewal from Netflix, so that they can see what happens next for Mila.

V Wars season 1 is available to watch on Netflix.



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