Loki executive producer Kevin R Wright has spoken about how he wants the second season to take its characters, and the show itself, in a new direction.

Wright was one of the men who stepped in to executive produce the show after Kate Herron departed after season 1, and has explained in an exclusive Digital Spy interview that the opportunity has been taken to try and put a different stamp on things.

“I think that this season really is a love letter to fans of season 1,” he said. “But the thing that we figured out very quickly was in season 1, people liked how unexpected it was. And then if you then try to just go and do that same thing, it’s no longer unexpected.

“So I think it was about deepening the world, deepening the characters. And a lot of what is changing is we are pushing all of these characters into completely new territory.

“If season 1 was… Kate Herron talked a lot about in season 1 – it was about the search for identity. Who are you? What’s your place in the universe? How do you fit in? This is the natural kind of extension of that, but in a scary way, like Loki is being pushed into areas that he’s never experienced before.

“The TVA for aeons has thought it was one thing. They don’t know who they are anymore. They don’t know what they’re doing anymore. Sylvie was searching for free will. She gives it to everybody. She now finally has it. Where does she go?

“So I don’t think it’s different, [or] that we threw out the rules, it’s extended.

“‘Let’s not repeat ourselves, not let’s not just tell the same story,’ this was something Kate Herron said at the end of season 1. This feels like a vehicle that you the filmmaker can hand the reins to another filmmaker and let them put their fingerprints on it. As she felt like she told her story.”

Loki season 2 is streaming on Disney+, with new episodes dropping on Fridays.


Source: digitalspy.com

By Ivaylo Angelov

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