Lucifer season 5 is not coming soon!

he wait continues for Lucifer season 5, which won’t be coming to Netflix in May. But when can fans expect the Lucifer season 5 release date?

The COVID-19 outbreak seriously took no prisoners. All movies and networks have reluctantly hit the pause button on projects, and it didn’t spare Lucifer season 5. But though we knew the wait for new episodes of Lucifer Morningstar would increase, we never imagined it would do so by this much.

During a time when we are all at home isolating with loved ones (if we’re lucky enough), binge-watching new episodes of Lucifer season 5 would have absolutely been ideal. Netflix Life reported season 5 was not headed to the streaming service in April, but we still had hope for May.

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Unfortunately, Netflix has revealed its line up of new and returning shows (and many movies, comedy specials and documentaries) headed to the service in May 2020. We all ran to check out the list and what do you know? Lucifer is nowhere to be found. What a bummer!

Lucifans were hoping for the new season to at least arrive sometime this spring, but now we’re not even sure it’ll happen this summer. Still, we’re not giving up hope. When will we know or have an official date? Guys, it’s not looking too good.

Joe Henderson, one of the showrunners for Lucifer, recently tweeted he’s in the dark about a release date. He explains, there have been some post-production hiccups due to the global pandemic and is hoping to get an answer soon just like the rest of the fans are.

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This only tells me that the wait is going to be at least two more months before we learn anything. What’s a Lucifan to do? Re-watch all of your favorite Lucifer episodes. We are in for the long haul.



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