Lucifer season 5: Who plays Carol Corbett in the penultimate episode?

Lucifer season 5 part 2 featured the returns of all of our favorite characters including Lucifer, Chloe, Amenadiel, Linda, Maze and the rest of the core ensemble we’ve come to know and love across the show’s five seasons. The season also happened to introduce fans to quite an interesting crop of new characters, some of which played a major role in the season and others who we expect might play a larger role in the show’s final run.

Among the many new characters we met were Lucifer and Amenadiel’s angelic siblings who popped up throughout the season as Lucifer and Michael began their campaigns to become the new God. Many of these characters were ones fans had been hoping to see long before their official debut and were great additions to Lucifer’s family tree.

It was great getting to finally see Lucifer and Amenadiel interact with some of their other siblings all these seasons later, but their arrivals were the season’s only big additions.

We’re, of course, referring to Detective Carol Corbett who arrived in the penultimate episode of the season and seems primed to play a major role in the storyline of one particular character in the next batch of episodes.

Carol Corbett Lucifer actor name

If Carol Corbett looks so familiar to you, that’s likely because the actor who plays him has been in many hit series over the years. Making his debut in the second half of season 5, Scott Porter officially joined the cast as Detective Carol Corbett in Lucifer season 5, episode 15, “Is This Really How It’s Going To End?!”

In the show, Carol is a detective who Dan worked with in the past who he attempts to hook Ella up with before his untimely death. While the pair didn’t get the chance to meet before Dan’s death, they formally met at Dan’s funeral and, although the encounter was all too brief, it was clear there was a spark shared between the characters.

As for Porter, you might recognize him from some of the many shows he’s appeared in over the years which includes Friday Night Lights, The Good Wife, Hart of Dixie, Scorpion and fellow Netflix Original Ginny and Georgia.

Will Carol Corbett be in Lucifer season 6?

If you wanted more of Scott Porter’s Carol Corbett in Lucifer season 5, you’re in luck! After making his debut in season 5 part 5, Porter will return for Lucifer season 6 in what we’re anticipating will be a much larger role than his one-off appearance in season 5.

Given his casting as a potential love interest for Ella and the fact that we’re entering the final season of the show, we imagine we should be seeing a lot more of Carol in season 6 and Porter himself has confirmed he’ll appear in the show’s upcoming final season.

Lucifer season 5 part 2 is streaming now on Netflix.


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