Lucifer season 5B may not come to Netflix in January

Netflix has shared the list of shows and movies coming in January 2021 and, unfortunately, Lucifer season 5B is not one of them.

Heading into the new year, we honestly knew it was unlikely Lucifer season 5B would be among Netflix’s January releases; however, there was a lot of hope among fans that Netflix might surprise us in dropping the second half of season 5 within the first month of the new year. These hopes were ruled out when Netflix unveiled its January 2021 release schedule and Lucifer was nowhere to be seen.

A January 2021 release would have put us five months removed from when the first half of season 5 released on August 21, 2020, and definitely would have been a great way to kick off the new year!

While Lucifer season 5B won’t be coming at the top of the new year, we are still optimistic part 2 will arrive sometime in 2021. The biggest question is just a matter of when the episodes will arrive — which is something it seems not even those closest with the show know just yet.

Lucifer season 5B release date update
Following the news that Lucifer season 5B would not be coming to Netflix in January 2021, fans immediately turned to showrunner Ildy Modrovich in hopes of squeezing any news out of one of the show’s faithful leaders.

Unfortunately, though, it seems not even Modrovich knows when to expect 5B to premiere on Netflix!

“Oh my dearest demons, if only I knew!!! We’ll tell you as soon as we know and are given the green light to share,” Modrovich promised inquisitive fans asking about the show’s return date.

At this time, it’s hard to nail down when exactly season 5B might finally drop on Netflix but it seems the earliest fans can hope for at the moment would be a February release date. A late February release date would put us six months out from when the first half of season 5 released and could very well be possible.

Be sure to check back for any additional updates on Lucifer season 5B!