David Bryan Woodside has been around in the Hollywood television industry for quite a while. In fact, he has been a big name as he appeared in several popular shows including 9-1-1: Lone Star, Night Agent, and most notably Lucifer.

DB Woodside, however, has never been in the lead in a television series. Of course, his resume also includes a few movie titles— Love the One You’re With, The Perfect Find, and The Inheritance are among the few. But the actor thinks it’s high time to lead his own show.

DB Woodside Wants to Lead His Own Show
DB Woodside’s has been part of several popular and successful television shows. He has appeared in the acclaimed series Suits, 24, and a few others. However, the actor has always supported the lead, but now, he thinks he deserves his own shadow and has been ready for it. Recently, the actor took to X (formerly Twitter) to address his ability to carry his own show forward.

“Boldest tweet I’ll ever send. Lucifer. Big success. Blessed to play my part. Night Agent. Big success. Blessed to play my part. Suits. Big success. Blessed to play my part. In conclusion: I think I deserve the opportunity to lead my own show,” Woodside wrote on X.

Woodside’s character in Lucifer as Amenadiel has gained a wide fandom. In the Tom Ellis-led show Woodside has enjoyed an appropriate amount of screentime. Following his post on X, fans have come in support of the actor agreeing to his statement. Now, it would be definitely interesting to see the actor leading a show and fans are all ready to embrace it.

DB Woodside on the Fan Favorite Amenadiel
For Woodside, the show has been one of the closest and hardest jobs he has ever done. Talking about Amenadiel to Comics Beat, the actor said that Amenadiel has been “groomed for this position since he was created.” He is the most loyal, he said adding “I always joke about that whole ‘he’s the favorite’ but I think I like to really see it as he’s just the one that has really focused in on what it takes to be a better angel.”

“And I think this is something that his father had been working on for all of Amenadiel’s existence. I think once he realized that he didn’t have to run the family business the way his father ran it and that he could run it the way that he saw fit, the way that he thinks humanity needs to progress. I think he realized, ‘Okay this is the job that I was created for, I just need to make it my own.’”

The actor further said that it was the most challenging job that “I’ve ever had but it was also the most rewarding” and he would love to do more of this as it took quite a while to show people that this is something that “I want to do, that I’m good at, and I want to be taken seriously.” The actor further revealed that he has been directing television shows for over 20 years now yet many people aren’t aware of it as he hasn’t “done it on a big splashy television show because it’s been hellish trying to get people to see me differently.” Also, the actor has been in the business for over 25 years now and he is ready to lead his own show.

Source: fandomwire.com

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