Season 5 of Lucifer is officially on the horizon. The series, which was inspired by a character from Neil Gaiman’s comic book series The Sandman, first premiered on the FOX network in 2016, only to be canceled in May of 2018 after three seasons. One month later, Netflix saved the series from eternal damnation. After a truncated Season 4, the show is ready to stretch its legs at its new home.

There’s also a good chance for a Season 6, with star Tom Ellis and showrunners Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich all in the process of securing their own deals, though it still may not materialize. In the meantime, however, here’s everything to know about the supernatural series’ upcoming Season 5.

Season 5 Will Be Split

Following news of Lucifer’s renewal for Season 5, last July Netflix announced that it would contain a whopping 16 episodes, up from the 10 episodes in Season 4.

“Thank you to everyone for your continued support and love for [Lucifer] I am so happy for all our fans I’m going to burst,” Ellis wrote at the time.

One Episode Will Be in Black-and-White

Netflix teased a first-look image from Season 5 with Entertainment Tonight back in October, which showed Ellis sitting at a piano with co-star Lesley-Ann Brandt, who plays Maze. It was also revealed that the episode will be a noir-inspired musical that takes place in the 1940s era of an alternate universe.

Kelly Clarkson Toured the Set

Also in the month of October, Kelly Clarkson got a tour of the production for a segment on The Kelly Clarkson Show. She also chatted with Ellis, though no major spoilers were revealed.

The Show Will (Finally) Introduce God

Despite being such a looming presence on Lucifer, God has yet to make an appearance. After Gaiman provided the voice in a Season 3 bonus episode, Entertainment Weekly announced in January that actor Dennis Haysbert would play the omnipotent deity.

“We did like the big crazy list of [possible actors], and he was my top choice. We were lucky. It was our first and only offer,” Henderson said at the time.



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