Mayim Bialik shares an unseen picture of herself and Jim Parsons from The Big Bang Theory, sending fans into nostalgia mode.

Shamy fans get ready to enjoy a nostalgic ride. Four years have passed since The Big Bang Theory came to an end, but its characters and love stories are more alive than ever, especially with the couple formed by Mayim Bialik and Jim Parsons.

It was on season three that Howard and Raj decided they wanted to find a perfect girl for Parson’s Sheldon Cooper, thinking it was an impossible task. However, as soon as they met Amy they realized Sheldon’s perfect match was real. From that moment on, Amy became an essential character within the show, developing a friendship with Sheldon that slowly evolved into much more, with the two of then getting married in season eleven.

Sheldon and Amy became one of the most beloved couples from the show, conquering the heart of the audience, especially thanks to the amazing chemistry between Bialik and Parsons. That’s probably why the new photo shared by the actress on her Instagram page has gained so many positive comments, with fans remembering the beautiful love story between the characters:


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Bialik explains the picture is from eleven years ago, which means it is from season six. This was one of the most relevant seasons for Amy and Sheldon’s relationship, since they started to get closer and closer, like the famous episode where Amy gets sick and Sheldon has to take care of her because of their relationship agreement.

Could the Next Big Bang Theory Spinoff Star Sheldon and Amy?

Earlier this year, as part of Warner Bros. Discovery’s strategy to expand its most successful franchises, they confirmed that The Big Bang Theory would have another spin-off after the highly successful Young Sheldon, which will soon release its seventh season.

No details about the plot of this new show were shared by the company, not even if it’s going to center on some of the characters introduced in the original series. However, the chances of seeing Bialik and Parsons reprising their roles are not good. The Big Bang Theory actually came to an end because the actor behind Sheldon didn’t want to continue, alleging he was ready for some new challenges and characters. Since Sheldon and Amy were married by the end of the show, and Young Sheldon established they had children, it would be difficult for a sequel story to focus on her without her husband.

A prequel focusing on Amy’s childhood or younger years, something similar to Young Sheldon, would be a good idea, but Bialik would probably not play a significant part in it, except maybe narrating the story as Parsons does with the current spinoff show.


By Ivaylo Angelov

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