Jenna Ortega has shocked fans with uncomfortable and disturbing scenes with co-star Martin Freeman in her latest movie role. The actress, 21, who rose to fame following the success of Netflix series Wednesday plays student Cairo Sweet with Martin Freeman, 52, plays her teacher Mr Johnathan Miller in the film Miller’s Girl.

According to the film’s synopsis, Miller’s Girl follows the story of “a talented young writer (Jenna Ortega) who embarks on a creative odyssey when her teacher (Martin Freeman) assigns a project that entangles them both in an increasingly complex web. As lines blur and their lives intertwine, Professor and protégé must confront their darkest selves while straining to preserve their individual sense of purpose and the things they hold most dear.”

The film was released in the US on January 26 and will be coming to Amazon Prime soon. Fans were left feeling a bit uncomfortable after watching one particular scene that went viral. In the raunchy scene, Johnathan is seen reading a creative assignment by Cairo. Her teacher then appears to stroke her hair and bend her over a bed as he leans in closer.

Viewers quickly took to social media and wrote: “Man what!!! I get she’s an actor but man it’s hard to watch,” another added “Is that her teacher?” Although fans seemed to be shocked by the scene, overall reviews have so far been positive.

Is Miller’s Girl based on a true story?
No. The story is complete fiction and the screenplay was written and directed by Jade Halley Bartlett. The movie was produced by Seth Rogen, Josh Fagen, Evan Goldberg, Mary-Margaret Kunze and James Weaver.

When will Miller’s Girl be released in the UK?
Miller’s Girl is currently available to pre-order on Amazon Prime TV and available to watch from February 19.


By Damyan Ivanov

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