Stepping out of the enigmatic shadows of his big brother “The Professor” and straight into the blinding limelight, Andrés de Fonollosa, famously known by his nom de guerre, Berlin, rises to be the protagonist in the much-anticipated spin-off to the cultural phenomenon that was “Money Heist”.

Fans across the globe have been left excitedly waiting for the premiere since the trailer of Berlin was unveiled at Netflix’s recent TUDUM event.

The teaser served as a visceral reminder of the electrifying presence Berlin commanded on-screen during his tenure in the global hit show, Money Heist. His pathological charm, coupled with his uncanny ability to stay imperturbable in the face of grave danger, elevated Berlin from a mere character to a fan-favorite symbol of rebellion. Pedro Alonso, the man who so convincingly portrayed Berlin, returns to reprise his role in the prequel, providing the fans a chance to see a younger Berlin.

The prequel is set during Berlin’s “golden age,” with a story revolving around a heist and the disappearance of $44 million worth of jewels. Aiding Berlin in his endeavor is a motley crew of individuals, each with a unique skill set.

One cannot help but anticipate the series delving into Berlin’s intriguing romantic history. Having been married five times, Berlin’s romantic escapades promise to be as thrilling as his heists.

Creator Alex Pina alluded to this, stating the series would take audiences on “a trip through the golden age of the character when he robbed around Europe crazy in love”. We’re not certain which romance will take the spotlight, but this angle will undoubtedly add a layer of depth and complexity to Berlin’s character.

What makes Berlin truly captivating is the formidable legacy it inherits from Money Heist. La Casa de Papel, as it’s known in its native Spain, was nothing short of a cultural marvel.

With over 190 million viewing hours in just its first week, Money Heist transcended the barriers of language and culture to resonate with viewers worldwide. Its rich narrative tapestry interwoven elements of drama, humor, music, and suspense to create a captivating saga that consistently defied expectations.

Berlin has big shoes to fill. The prequel not only has to live up to the high bar set by its predecessor but also expand upon it. The challenge lies in narrating a story whose conclusion is known, yet keeping it exciting and unpredictable. Made by the same creative minds, one can expect Berlin to rise to the occasion. It promises to deliver a narrative brimming with thrills, intelligent plotlines, and emotionally charged moments, much like its predecessor.

As the countdown to the release begins, there’s an air of expectation that’s hard to ignore. Will “Berlin” manage to recreate the magic of Money Heist? Only time will tell. For now, fans across the globe wait with bated breath, ready to immerse themselves once again in the captivating world of rebellion and justice that Money Heist so masterfully constructed.

At the end of the day, to echo Berlin’s own words, a good plan should always include a dash of fun. And we can only hope that Berlin will provide just that, and much more.


By Damyan Ivanov

My name is Damyan Ivanov and i was born in 1998 in Varna, Bulgaria. Graduated high school in 2016 and since then i'm working on wordpress news websites.