La Casa De Papel / Money Heist star Pedro Alonso joins the animated film ‘Los Tipos Malos’ as a dubbing actor.

Here’s what he said – “I always wanted to put the voice in an animated film. Well, as of today I can already say that I have participated in the dubbing of Los Tipos Malos (the new animated movie of the year) and the experience has been joyful and even animalistic, I would say. 😝❤️
I have lent my voice to Mr. Snake, one of the leaders of the gang, an expert in robbing safes with his slender and sinuous body (we’ll talk about his character later). The film hits theaters on March 18, don’t miss it! @universal_spain

I would like to do the promotion dressed as a snake, but I don’t know if they will let me. 😂😝🪲🔥🦖🍭 “

You can check the photos below:


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