Úrsula Corberó is back on Netflix. The Spanish star, which is known for her work in the incredibly succesful “Money Heist,” has returned with a new mini series. “Burning Body” is a limited series expected to premiere this September 8th.


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What is “Burning Body” about?
“Burning Body” is a Spanish thriller series written by Laura Sarmiento, following the real life story of a cop who was killed with his body set on fire. After the crime was committed, his girlfriend (played by Corberó) and her lover are considered the main suspects.

“It’s a very delicate topic and something that made me think a lot about being involved with the project,” said Corberó in an interview with Vogue Spain. “When the part was offered to me, I had heard about the topic but I didn’t know the case in depth. And I was very intrigued by it. There’s so many cases of men killing their partners that don’t have this attention and follow through.”

Who is the cast and crew?
“Burning Body” stars Corberó, Quim Gutierrez, Pep Tosar, Eva Llorach, and more. The show is also made with some seasoned Spanish writers and directors.

Sarmiento has worked on various series in the past, most recently, “Intimacy.” When it comes to directors, Jorge Torreglossa, who’s directed episodes of “Elite,” is also onboard to direct.

Watch the trailer below:

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