The final episode of Game of Thrones prequel House of The Dragon Season 1 will be here next week. The civil war will officially begin in the 10th episode of the new fantasy epic.

The preview video released earlier after the premiere of the 9th episode already gave a slight clue as to what is going to happen in the season finale. The Blacks, realizing what had transpired at King’s Landing in Rhaenyra’s absence, are getting together to fight back. And the first step to gathering forces is crowning Rhaenyra as the Queen, and forming a Black Council sworn to her.

We have met some of the members of the Black Council before, including Daemon, Rhaenys, Erryk Cargyll, Maester Gerardys, and more who will be serving the allegiance of Queen Rhaenyra. Two more members were recently revealed in new episode 10 pics that were released yesterday.

We have already met Maester Gerardys (Phil Daniels) in episode 8, who is the maester at Dragonstone and loyal to Rhaenyra. To the left in Kingsguard armor stands Max Wrottesley as Ser Lorent Marbrand from House Marbrand. Ser Lorent and Ser Erryk Cargyll were on Dragonstone at the beginning of Dance of the Dragons and chose to side with Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen and the blacks, joining her Queensguard under Ser Steffon Darklyn, who will be played by Anthony Flanagan.

The second figure to the right of Maester Gerardys seems to be wearing the symbol of House Celtigar, another Valyrian house that hasn’t received any spotlight yet. If that is the case, the character is Lord Bartimos Celtigar, played by Nicholas Jones, head of House Celtigar during the Dance and soon-to-be master of coins for Queen Rhaenyra.

A few more pictures were released yesterday, listed below:

A closer look at the flaming hot table at Dragonstone
Rhaenyra and Daemon at the table
Daemon having a word with Jacaerys
Daemon singing to Vermithor


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