The romance story that travels through time, Outlander’s first episode of the seventh season, has been released and is available on Starz. The love story of Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan) grew into a tale of family and war. The series is an adaptation of the novels by Diana Gabaldon, who is also a consultant on the show. The showrunners already announced that season eight would be the last one of the show, so buckle up because a lot needs to happen in the penultimate season.

The seventh season of the historical drama will have sixteen episodes, more than the previous seasons. This is due mostly to the COVID-19 pandemic and how the sixth season had to be shortened. It starts right where they left off in season sixth. The Civil War, the event the past seasons have anticipated, has begun. One of the show’s highlights is the relationships between the characters and how they evolve as the seasons progress and they age. Here are some of the best relationships that happened throughout the seasons of Outlander.

10. Joe and Claire

While Joe (Wil Johnson) and Claire’s friendship wasn’t shown a lot in the series, it was one of the most important ones for Claire in the period she is back in the 1960s. There were long years when she felt alone, apart from her true love, and had to raise their daughter while in a doomed marriage. However, she finds strength and goes to college to become a doctor, and there she meets the only black man in the class, Joe. Both were scrutinized for not being white men, the usual students. They form a kindred friendship that never ends, even when Claire returns in time.

9. Angus and Rupert

Going back to the first seasons, Angus (Stephen Walters) and Rupert (Grant O’Rourke) were unstoppable. They were funny and always getting into trouble. These two were great allies, even if, at first, they were sometimes out of touch, and a lack of basic decency got in the way, especially when they talked with Claire. They might have had a drinking problem, but that never got in the way of helping their friends. Angus and Rupert have sad endings, as most characters who were Jacobites in the infamous Battle of Culloden and its after-matches.

8. Lord John and Jamie

Lord John (David Berry) met Jamie back in season two when John was only a teenager. They reunite when Jamie was at one of his lowest points: a prisoner in Ardsmuir, and John was the new governor. Even though Jamie couldn’t correspond to John’s romantic feelings for him, they created a strong friendship that is still going on. He and Claire have some tension, which is quickly resolved, and they become friends. John is also quite close to Jamie’s daughter, Brianna (Sophie Skelton).

7. Roger and Brianna

Roger (Richard Rankin) and Brianna had an apparent normal start to their relationship: being young and in love in the 1970s. However, that only developed into a crazy chase in the past. Nevertheless, they found their way into each. Both go through horrible things since they traveled through time, but they are there whenever the other one needs it, even when tough love is required. They have a son, and the season seven trailer shows her giving birth to their second child.

6. Frank and Brianna

Frank (Tobias Menzies) had a rough patch when he was married to Claire. His wife went missing for an extended period, only to come back pregnant and in love with another man. That didn’t impede him from loving and raising Brianna as his own. They had a caring and close relationship, so much so that Brianna went to university to get a degree in History, the bachelor Frank taught. She then changed her mind and chose engineering instead. Because her mother had to work a lot, she was much closer to Frank. Brianna was heartbroken when he suddenly died in a car accident.

5. Claire and Brianna

Claire and Brianna didn’t have an easy relationship at first. They didn’t spend much time together for a long time. However, the truth about who her father really was and what her mom went through brought them closer. Brianna abdicated her life in the present time to join her mother and make sure she was safe. In the past, they have grown closer and truly understood one another. It’s a complicated relationship that doesn’t shy away from the more uncomfortable moments a mother-and-daughter relationship might have.

4. Ferguson and Jamie, and Claire

While the show started primarily as a romance, the family was something that was also on the front from the get-go. A young French boy that lived in a brothel in Paris, Ferguson slowly charmed the hearts of Jamie and Claire, who ultimately adopted him as their son. Romann Berrux plays young Ferguson, and C├ęsar Domboy plays the adult version of the character. Their relationship developed beautifully, and the now family man lives nearby and is extremely loyal to his parents. Jamie gave his family name to him. While Claire raised Brianna in the future, Jamie took care of Ferguson in the past. He married Marsali (Lauren Lyle), who was Jamie’s stepdaughter for a while.

3. Jamie and Ian

Young Ian (John Bell) and Jamie have one of the best relationships in the show. In a clear father-and-son relationship, Ian looks up to his uncle in everything he does. Jamie tried to teach Ian everything he knew and deemed important for a child back when they were in Scotland. Both got older, and Jamie is incredibly proud of the man he has become – one of those wholesome relationships that adds much to the story and the characters.

2. Jamie and Murtagh

Jamie and Murtagh (Duncan Lacroix) have the longest relationship in the show. Murtagh was his Godfather and was in love with Jamie’s mother, Ellen. They didn’t see eye to eye in every situation; they went on every adventure together, including the battlefield. Because of his relationship with Jamie, Claire ends up being close and good friends with Murtagh as well. Unfortunately, Murtagh passed away in front of Jamie, but he kept the promise he made his mother of protecting Jamie to the very end.

1. Jamie and Claire

Jamie and Claire’s love story went through the test of time, quite literally. What started as an arranged marriage when Claire first returned to the 1700s grew into a beautiful, loving relationship. Going into the seventh season, they have chosen each other repeatedly and made incredible sacrifices for one another. They always had their differences, but their strong personalities only clash until a point where their values and needs meet every time. Jamie and Claire are the love of each other’s lives, and they will fight for everything and everyone never to be apart again.


By Ivaylo Angelov

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