[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Outlander Season 7.]

Outlander has finished airing the first half of its extra-long seventh season on Starz, and we already have several questions we’re hoping to have answered when the show returns sometime in 2024. (A premiere date has yet to be announced.)

We’re hopeful that the upcoming episodes will offer some satisfying answers to our lingering queries surrounding fan-favorite characters including Claire (Caitriona Balfe), Jamie (Sam Heughan), and their extended Fraser family. Below, we’re unveiling some of the biggest burning questions still unanswered following the midseason finale, “Turning Points.”

Scroll down for a breakdown of all the major plots we’re hoping are addressed when Season 7 picks back up, and let us know what you’re hoping to see when the show returns, in the comments section.

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Where Will Jamie & Claire Go First?

The couple has finally returned to the place where their love story began with their arrival on the shore of Scotland at the end of the midseason finale. On assignment to deliver his cousin Simon’s (Angus MacFadyen) body, Jamie has a specific reason to be back in his homeland, but where will he and Claire find themselves next? Their previous plan to visit could point them in the direction of Lallybroch, but do the Frasers ever follow a clear and direct path? Not usually. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for a joyous family reunion at their ancestral home.

Where Did Jemmy Go?

Rob Cameron (Chris Fulton) kidnapped Roger (Richard Rankin) and Brianna’s (Sophie Skelton) son in the seventh episode, and their whereabouts remain unknown. All viewers know is that they’re in a different time as Jemmy’s (Blake Johnston-Miller) scarf was found by the standing stones at Craigh Na Dun. We need to know if Rob Cameron is with Jemmy or if he sent Jemmy alone, as well as whether or not they traveled back to the 1780s or a different time.

Will William Learn the Truth About His Parentage?

Jamie and his biological son William (Charles Vandervaart) have been connected at various points throughout this season, but none as alarming as their close call on the Second Battle of Saratoga’s battlefield. After shooting the hat off William’s head, Jamie was eager to exit the ensuing war for fear of facing William again, but his son still doesn’t know about his true parentage. Will there be a breakthrough on that front in the second half of the season? We certainly hope so.

Will Arch Bug Hurt Rachel to Get Back at Ian?

After accidentally killing Arch Bug’s (Hugh Ross) wife earlier this season, Ian (John Bell) was threatened by the old man, who vowed to take something he loved away from him. Thinking Arch meant to harm his sweet dog, Rollo, Ian kept a fearful eye out. Considering he resurfaced at the end of the midseason finale, running into Rachel (Izzy Meikle-Small) and the pup she’s caring for while Ian’s away in Scotland, it’s unclear if he’ll choose to harm the individuals important to the young man. If we had to bet, Arch probably has a mean-spirited trick up his sleeve.

Where Will Roger & Buck Wind Up?

Roger and his ancestor Buck (Diarmaid Murtagh) sought Jemmy by traveling through the standing stones, but will they end up in the correct time? And if so, where will that be? As Roger revealed to his relative in the seventh episode of the season, Buck dies in the 1780s. Could their journey through the stones change that or prove that he doesn’t make it back to his proper time? Only time will tell, but we’re hoping the men have a successful adventure back in time.

Is a Love Triangle Unfolding?

A little love triangle was teased between Rachel and cousins Ian and William. While William isn’t aware of his blood relation to the Frasers, Ian is. Would he willingly fight William if the redcoat crosses paths with Rachel? That would have to happen before we’d be able to find out, but considering he’s away in Scotland, Ian’s not there to see what his new love is up to in America without him. Sure, Ian and Rachel shared a kiss, but William is still a candidate for Rachel’s heart.


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