With season 7 of Outlander being released later this year, fans of the show are keen for any new pieces of information. Speaking to The Daily Record, Steven Cree (Ian Murray) said that he will be returning. Cree said that it was “a privilege” to be invited back to Outlander.

Cree made frequent appearances throughout Outlander seasons 1-4, playing Jamie Fraser’s brother-in-law. Ian and his wife Jenny (Laura Donnelly) had a very close bond with Jamie and Claire (Caitriona Balfe), and played a pivotal role in Claire’s adapting to the world she now found herself in.

However, as the show progressed and we followed Jamie and Claire to a new life in North America, Ian and Jenny faded into the background. That said, we’re reminded of Ian and Jenny by their son Young Ian (John Bell), who follows Jamie and Claire to North America and builds a new life with them.

Steven Cree will return as Ian Murray for Outlander season 7

We have not seen Ian since season 4 (Cree was asked back for Season 5 but it didn’t work with his schedule, so his reappearance in Season 7 will be a grand return. “I had always made it clear that if they wanted me to come back to tie up anything with Ian Murray’s storyline, I would be happy to,” Cree said. “It was great that the schedules worked out perfectly last year. To be honest, it was like going back and hanging out with friends.”

When I was asked to go back for season five and wasn’t able to because it clashed, I was disappointed. I love going back but I also know how much it means to the fans. I don’t mean that in any saccharine way. But I have met some incredible people.

Source: winteriscoming.net

By Ivaylo Angelov

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