Outlander boss Maril Davis has addressed the possibility of a post-season eight movie while attending the season seven premiere at New York City’s Tribeca Film Festival over the weekend.

When asked by a fan about the potential of a film after the show’s eighth and final season, the executive producer left the door open.

She joked: “It depends if we keep everyone alive. Just kidding, we would never do that to you Diana,” gesturing to Diana Gabaldon, who wrote the book series upon which the drama is based.

According to Newsweek, Sophie Skelton, who plays Brianna Fraser, added: “For any show to even get to seven seasons is incredible, to have kept the loyal fans, we are so appreciative.”

The show’s stars, Caitríona Balfe and Sam Heugan, who play Claire and Jamie Fraser, recently shared their reactions to the show ending after eight seasons.

Appearing as guests on Good Morning America on Tuesday to chat about the upcoming season, which arrives on June 16, Caitríona said wrapping filming on the show would be “such a bittersweet moment”.

“I think all things have to come to an end but it’s going to be really hard to say goodbye to this show,” she said.

Meanwhile, Sam revealed the one souvenir he’ll be taking from the set after eight seasons. “I am definitely going to keep, I mean I love all of Jamie’s weapons, but I love his boots,” he said. “His boots are the thing that I feel like I’m Jamie when I put them on.”

Filming for the final season is set to kick off in a few months’ time and will see Caitríona step behind the camera as a director.

Chatting about the new opportunity, the Irish actress said: “I feel really fortunate to have been given the opportunity on the show. We’ve been on it now for almost ten years so it felt like the perfect place to try something new.

“I’ve already been doing a little bit of second unit this season and gotten to direct Sophie [Skelton] and John Bell, but not this man yet,” she said, gesturing to her co-star,” who quipped: “Just so you know, I do everything in one take.”

While fans will be sad to see the end of the show, they can look forward to a spin-off prequel called Outlander: Blood of My Blood.

The upcoming series will follow the relationship between Jamie’s parents, Brian and Ellen, and will consist of 26 episodes.

The series will “explore what lengths a person will go to find love in a time when love is considered a luxury, and when marriages are made strategically, often for political or financial gain,” according to the synopsis.

“The title is a nod to Jamie Fraser’s marriage vow to Claire and there will be several names and faces that ‘Outlander’ fans will know and recognise. Jamie and Claire’s TV story may be coming to an end with Season Eight, but Diana is continuing on with their literary journey in her wonderful book series and is working diligently on Book Ten.”


Source: hellomagazine.com

By Ivaylo Angelov

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