Outlander Season 6 will show Jamie Fraser face an old enemy from his past, Tom Christie, and will no doubt have to deal with a great amount of conflict at Fraser’s Ridge.

It won’t be the first time Jamie (played by Sam Heughan) has had to deal with conflict. In season five of Outlander, Jamie had to do his best to protect Murtagh Fitzgibbons (Duncan Lacroix) who was a wanted man. He was sent out with Hamilton Knox (Michael D. Xavier), a British Lieutenant, to find Murtagh but when Knox realised Jamie was working with the Regulators, the highlander had to get rid of him. The decision to kill Knox weighed heavily on Jamie’s mind.

Actor Sam explained it was a tough decision for Jamie as he felt he was similar to Knox.

But at the end of the day, Jamie could not risk his godfather Murtagh coming to any harm.

Sadly Jamie’s efforts didn’t help Murtagh for too long as he was eventually killed at the Battle of Alamance.

Speaking on Jamie’s decision to murder Knox and make it appear as an accident, the actor noted he had “no choice”.

Sam began: “In episode five, season five, Knox realises Jamie has been duplicitous and is supporting the Regulators and Murtagh Fitzgibbons.

“Jamie has no choice but to kill him. For Jamie, it plays on his mind because he saw in Knox a man of similar beliefs.

“It just so happens that he’s on the opposite side. For Jamie, it’s not an easy task.

“Filming that scene was great, there was a great stunt at the end where I got to climb across the roofs of the town.

“That was a lot of fun to shoot, especially in the rain. It was a lot more scary.”

In the new series, Jamie could have to make more tough decisions if the safety of his family is compromised.

When Tom Christie (Mark Lewis Jones) arrives with his children Allan (Alexander Vlahos) and Malva (Jessica Reynolds), they’re bound to cause trouble.

Jamie and Tom were adversaries in Ardsmuir prison and appeared to have put their differences aside.

But that could all change when Tom sees what Jamie has achieved on the Ridge.

Sam teased of the Christies arrival: “The Christie family are kind of a blast from Jamie’s past as well.

“The underlying theme of the season is definitely that there’s a lot more turmoil here. It’s a very exciting season.”

If the Christies threaten the safety of the Frasers, there’s no doubt, Jamie would step in and do what he needed to stop any conflict.

Fans of the books by Diana Gabaldon know Malva will cause problems for Claire Fraser (Caitriona Balfe) when she tries to kill the medic but make it look as though she died of dysentery.

When this does not work, she claims Jamie is the father of her unborn child.

Claire is furious and when Malva is later found dead, she is blamed for her death and that of her unborn baby.

Thankfully, Tom steps in and takes the blame for Malva’s death but it is later revealed she was murdered by her brother Allan, whom she had an incestuous relationship.

Outlander seasons 1-5 are available to stream on Starz now.

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By Ivaylo Angelov

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