Diana Gabaldon has written an episode of Outlander Season 7B. At least, that’s based on a screenshot on Reddit from a fan.

The Reddit poster shared a screenshot. While it was credited to the WGA, the link provided doesn’t go exactly to the list. The titles given are only up to Season 7, Episode 8. However, we were expecting to see Diana Gabaldon write one of the episodes.

The Outlander author had written Season 6, Episode 9, but then that season was cut short and the final four episodes of the season were pushed into Season 7. The episode wouldn’t work as a premiere episode, so everything had to be reworked and redone. That didn’t mean Gabaldon wouldn’t pen an episode, though.

Which episode of Outlander Season 7B has Diana Gabaldon written?
It looks like Gabaldon has written Outlander Season 7, Episode 16. This is titled “Ye Dinna Get Used to It,” which is clearly going to be a line that Jamie says at some point in the episode. You can just hear it in the phrasing.

Fans are speculating about what the title means, and the general consensus is that this is the episode that will bring the Battle of Monmouth, making it clear that Written in My Own Heart’s Blood is going to be used in the remaining episodes of Season 7. That makes sense as at one point there was the fear that Season 7 would be the last.

There is a moment before the battle where Jamie and Young Ian talk about the battle to come. Jamie makes it clear that while death is a part of war, you don’t get used to it. Jamie is worn down by the battles he’s been through, while Ian is young and ready to make his mark.

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